Let's show Jaylen that the Celtics fans who want him traded are in the vast minority. He's a clutch scorer and an elite defender who went to war for us in this Finals run. Irreplaceable.

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  1. Plot twist: both accounts are the same person having a debate with yourself whether you like or hate the song.

  2. Sounds like a great psychological thriller, I'd watch that movie 😄

  3. Take a look at the Samsung 45w super charger, it folds flat so fits in the steam deck case.

  4. I know in what country you live without you even saying it.

  5. The fact that this dude felt it was necessary to kill a worker over a sandwich is the problem here. Society pushes the notion that fast food workers are slaves to the customer. This needs to change.

  6. Agreed. And the fact that a dude that felt it was necessary to kill a worker over a sandwich was allowed to enter a store and simply buy a firearm is also a problem.

  7. Bro - you still aren’t grasping it

  8. I see, thanks for the clarification. What stopped him from buying it legally?

  9. Video doesn't work for me... Mirror anyone?

  10. If you don't include Demon's Souls, your post becomes automatically invalid.

  11. It depends. Italy's richest regions have some of the best healthcare systems in the world. But if you live in the centre-south it would definitely be worse than Spain.

  12. Fuck Brian Scalabrine, I just can't stand the guy.

  13. Arguably yes - a flatter charger wouldn't "bulge" from the back like the Nano does, albeit VERY slightly. The SlimQ 65W that has been mentioned is .5cm thinner and that would eliminate the "bulge". But that charger is also way bigger overall, so if you wanted to fit that plus a power brick back there it would be nigh impossible from what I can see. It seems to me that unless you're doing the Nano II, you might as well just stick with your original power brick that came with the device.

  14. Thanks for the great rundown! I'm a Euro, by the way. I'll keep an eye on other available options but I'll probably end up buying the Nano... as of now it feels like the best option. Cheers

  15. Thanks. That would be another good option. Looks a bit bulky from the pictures though, would you say it's thinner than the Nano?

  16. Watching from abroad, I'm kinda astonished... I've never heard about a package being stolen in my country! No offense, but it appears to be an epidemic in the US 😄 why are people so inclined to steal on the job?

  17. That's potentially lethal, you don't mess with the femoral artery

  18. It's a human right but your country bans at after 90 days? Sounds like you have some work to do. Better get out to the streets and protest, tough guy. Maybe after you're done playing video games and jacking off. Or maybe you just haven't finished primary schooling yet so you think you can go online and pretend you're something you're not, mister "don't give two shits about Italy nor any other pathetic flag". Lol

  19. I do pal, I get out and protest however and whenever I feel like it. Now you people better start doing the same, because the rest of the world is laughing. And ridiculous displays like the one you're putting up here surely don't help your case.

  20. Good for you? Just educating you on your own country's laws, since you're so keen on trashing mine. Just remember the majority of the US still has the exact same abortion allowance, if not even more so, than Italy right now

  21. Even a full-fledged moron such as yourself should understand the importance of having an actual constitutional law instead of delegating basic human rights to the hands of elected politicians. What was it, just a couple weeks ago that the same couldn’t be applied to those phallic objects you people love slaughtering children with? But hey, it’s surely not the first time I’m stunned by the depth of human idiocy. That being said, Fuck Italy. Say it louder for the people in the back!

  22. Nvidia have a locked down bit of software called DLSS which games can include to automatically take a low resolution game and turn it into a high resolution game with minimal performance impact. This can only be used with specific Nvidia graphics cards.

  23. Great, thanks a lot. So this converter would allow us to benefit from FSR on Steam Deck, in games that have instead been designed with Nvidia graphic cards in mind - if I understand correctly. Cheers

  24. I just edited one of the sections to be a bit more clear, hopefully that clears up the confusion!

  25. “You’ve crossed the walls... excelled!”

  26. Why's a sporting league issuing statements about politics that has nothing to do with sport?

  27. Human rights aren’t “politics”

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