1. Candice should have green lightning, I don’t understand why they made it blue

  2. Her lightning was green on her vollstandig.

  3. Yes I posted this before I finished the episode 😂

  4. Honestly shut the fuck up. I know full well AINT nobody waiting years for a single fucking cour of 13 episodes. They should’ve just animated weekly they had 10 fucking years smh

  5. Just saying 'CGI is good' doesn't magically make it good. You wanna see what good CG in anime looks like? Look at Gundam unicorn, an anime from over a decade ago or better yet, FLCL, an anime from over two decades ago.

  6. I mean what were you expecting for sajin's bankai 2D? Anime nowadays will have some sort of CGI that's how it is. Get over your CGI fetish lmao.

  7. Kumanomi would have stood no chance against good old takamura he's a beast.

  8. Cour 2 animation will be even better that's what the staff said. Cour 1 was known to have production issues even before it started airing and they didn't have the animators they needed because they were on other projects at the time (CSM,MS100)

  9. Yeah he’s the worst. Kevin Patrick makes Raw feel like it’s some local promotion commentating because it’s just so awful.

  10. It seems he's out of breath all the time lmao 🤣

  11. Hyo's getting packed. Anyways kumanomi is a baddie ☺️

  12. At least we'll be known as the OG fans before the anime comes out.

  13. Need her vs kumanomi asap would be tough.

  14. Maybe during the Order vs Slur gang conflict Kumanomi could put Shishiba out of commission or even kill him and Osaragi will take her out as revenge. Since the implication in the Yotsumura fight is pretty clearly that Osaragi will surpass Shishiba some day

  15. Interesting we'll see if that happens.

  16. Is it okay if I want Kumanomi to step on me?

  17. I could see these two take on osaragi and shishiba tbh 👀

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