1. Safari land even has holsters at Walmart now almost the same price.. level 1 retention .. none of this Blackhawk serpa crap..

  2. You can always carry a j frame 5 shot revolver or a 365 with the flat mag. I call these the Milk run guns.. but I forgot something in my car and only gun out of the safe was the Sig p226 .40 with tlr and 15 round magazine.. guess who clipped a safari land on to his pants and went to the car.. me was it ideal no… but better then saying ah I’ll carry to the car with nothing and then something happens

  3. I love leggings.. they were made for BBW thickness!

  4. Small boob bbw girls are fun 🤩

  5. Oh C’mon many of us from Western, MA, central., northern NH, Upstate NY… are stuck just as much as you are on some issues… who usually votes left Charlotte, Winston etc… so NC isn’t no TN either. Also NC’s concealed carry permit process is just as liberal with the stupid crap you have to do as the Yankees states…

  6. Looks like Hawk from Spenser For hire but much older and instead of a 6 inch python has modernized with the times with a scoped revolver

  7. Since analog TV is gone.. it’s some audio queuing feed the radio news. So the reporter in the field can hear the Audio and broadcast live. Probably around 160 mhz or 450 mhz

  8. Right now with me in my scrubs. I’m not at work just doing stuff around the house stock P365 in an iwb kydex holster with mono clips. With the Sig p365 ammo made by sig I don’t even feel the gun on me (10 round mag with pierce extension).

  9. Down here everyone Carey’s(ugh it’s late you know what I mean) a gun down here. The mature latina nurse I work with always Carrie’s outside of work… a attempted raper (in Australian accident) got a surprise when she shot him in the Kmart parkn lot

  10. If your talking car to car with friends in an off-roading scenario in an area with bad cell service GMRS/FRS is the way to go. Yeah it’s illegal but mobile low power in a Chinese radio works great on FRS. I only would use CB if you want traffic on 19 and to go back and forth with truckers which can be nice at times I have learned more from 19 about traffic.

  11. Very good example of nice tummy and small boobs mmmmmn!

  12. Tummy, boobs (even if they are smaller) and thick thighs. Also a women who realizes that men like that and accept them regardless of if they gain or lose weight.

  13. Can they even hear each other.. it’s almost like a one way fest… to me its like local 5000 watt AM radio stations with different antennas of course talking to each other

  14. This is what I don't get. It's supposedly a distance competition, but how can they tell how far they reach when nobody can hear a word?

  15. I almost want to say it’s a rap competition… mud duck in the desert needs to go to that channel

  16. There must be some device that can decode real audio in real time. You don’t necessarily needs a modern blue tooth capable scanner blue tooth dongles are still sold that can connect to a head phone jack. 1. What area your in will determine what radio you need. Unfortunately many police departments encrypt on the main dispatch channel.. but fire and EMS is active.

  17. Is there anything about going back to jail when he did circa 2019

  18. I'd go with #4 buck. Paul Harrell did a great video about wall penetration. #4 is still very lethal, but penetrating the least amount of walls.

  19. Same here.. I seriously think about my neighbors across the street even #4 is the way to go

  20. Can you imagine having $50,000 in the bank account... just to not use it on a Car, College, or even say a vacation... using it on bail.. which sure he would get that money back when he appears in court.. but that $50K is just the beginning of a Lawya fee.. While my ADD TCAP mind is at work... now I wish they busted a lawya..

  21. I moved down south to NC from MA. I am a 40 y/o male. I prefer Curvy up to SSBBW. I live in a more native part of NC that isn't super overly developed with transplants. I would say down here the population is a little more BBW/SSBBW then Massachusetts. Meeting people in General can be tough. I recommend a Hobby or a Craft store as men might be less likely to be there. Of course cold approaches I don't like to do. But I am older and my target age is 35-50 which is the last generation to probably go to bars and be asked out in person.. Have I had success nope.. I always check for rings... but then again I haven't applied myself and I don't spend hours in the crafts store. I'm a nurse also... and lets just say plenty of BBWs/SSBBWs in healthcare.. but I don't date co workers. One could go to a hospital cafe... but I am just brainstorming.. most of us in healthcare want to be left alone at lunch (the few that make it to the Cafe and have time).

  22. Try a K frame snub nose. It’s great go between my 4 inch and J frame.

  23. It depends some police departments and or 911 communications centers operate very transparent no encryption on dispatch and even provide their own feed to Broadcastify. But if it’s the average person providing the feed the police have no direct instant control. As I recall there is about a 30 second delay between what I hear on my local scanner vs the online feed of my local scanner

  24. If you listen closely when he’s on the ground Lorne says “cover my face don’t let them video it”

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