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  1. Kanna, you ding dong. Now Lady Tohru's gonna have to clean up this mess.

  2. Kanna: “Accidentally nukes New York City

  3. I believe something similar happened to the manga, not sure if it's the canon one or the spin-off one

  4. I thought it was “argentinium” and I thought ternion was “terrion” lol

  5. I mean they didn't really say anything about it and others are also saying what to vote but probably to be safe I'm just gonna remove it

  6. There's a difference between telling others what to vote, and the number of votes an award has

  7. When will we receive the good ending where they actually get their hotdogs?

  8. Considering we know just from a name who they are clarification probably isn't necessary

  9. True, ever since people started making memes they became award of who they are, which is good

  10. May I request one of the next ones to be kanna slapping one of those desk bells and then asking for "One room please!"

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