1. He's so effn hot bro. I made a post a couple month ago that has Luke on it with all the predators he caught. Most notably was jpw

  2. He seemed to catch more than anyone. Riverside had so many gay predators who came for Luke’s ass.

  3. Can I ask why exactly "cis-gendered"?

  4. A person whose gender aligns with their sex registered at birth. You were born a male and still call yourself a man. So most of Earth is cis-gender.

  5. What I'm trying to ask is why it's okay to send pictures of specifically pictures of cis gendered people.

  6. I never heard of Nick Bailey before this episode. His footage is nothing special, the decoy interaction is kinda funny. (Dell's toes sure do take a beating)

  7. I can’t listen anymore. At least not to guys like Nick Bailey. His appearance was boring as shit.

  8. I know some people that know that of me… a long time ago

  9. And being that this is a El Nino year, it's going to be even worse than 2022.

  10. And it'll just keep happening and getting longer. The 100th meridian has been steadily moving East for some time now. Centex is next up. All these people moving here.....10-15 years from now, are they still here or have people continued to move East ahead of the line?

  11. I have no idea what that means but I’ll take it it’s fancy for: global warming it’s going to be hot as fuck.

  12. More like master of shitty resumes. Why is there a 2 year gap in employment? Looks a red flag to me

  13. I said yes, but if my daughter was 19 as Casey was at the time, it wouldn’t be up to me at all. I don’t understand how this has become a controversy in this sub.

  14. Well. She would have to be 18 to be a decoy Technically. She would not need permission from anyone.

  15. Oh yeah, they were going to take the bus right to the SAG office...after all their hot sex!

  16. Sokol and Nelly would’ve worked out, they had a nice click going before that meddling Hansen had to ruin it.

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