1. yeah, that got me too. he lives in a regular street & i can bet money that kids live on that same block. Maybe that's ok because he's not a predator? idk this registry is weird.

  2. I’m just a curious predator. I just don’t know what it means. Maybe in GA a predator is a different level of sex offender in terms of what he was found guilty of?

  3. After? Why do you think is only gonna last like 4 episodes?

  4. Bc they won’t have enough subscribers to continue to fund it after a while.

  5. Two moron cops spend 2 hours acting like being gay is the worse crime than being a pedo while the perp has to pee. Pass.

  6. He’s a thrilla in the bedroom. And, like Michael Jackson, he likes em young.

  7. Walls described Lorne in the most accurate way I’ve heard so far. Something like..

  8. Why would anyone trust Dustin with a razor down there

  9. Great poll. Need more of this content. For me the answer was easy though: Let Justin shave my thang.

  10. He may not be a sports guy but he’d let the Ohio State defensive line nuke his asshole for sure.

  11. Is it just me, or does it seem like the culture of the online community is influencing the content more? When I saw posts about Golf Cart Matt and Glory Hole Jeff (or whatever his first name was), I thought those were tags the community applied to them, but I watched and saw Chris called them that in the segment. It's kinda like if Chris had called Velez Fat Jose in the voice over, lol.

  12. There's so many new quotes and memorable preds in this one! Glory Hole "Ooowwww my back!" Jerry reminds me so much of TwinkToilet!

  13. These interviews are hilarious. Guys just getting insulted while hog tied on the ground. It’s beyond belittling.

  14. What the fuck sort of question is that? Anyone answering yes needs mental health treatment and their hard drives checking.

  15. Idk about checking your hard drive but Tom would definitely check your oil for you.

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