1. That's not too bad, like a couple of inches right?

  2. Brad Pitt as Chris Handsome

  3. I wish someone would port this to Wallpaper Engine on Steam.

  4. Diet of Worms has "Puddle of Mudd" vibes, I legit like it

  5. That's so random I can't help but laugh

  6. The Chinese version had the best ending. They slammed on a title card saying “all the criminals were arrested and paid for their crimes”

  7. That can't be the real soundtrack they used, that 1980s Italian flick score like Puma Man

  8. They're technically right, because it's going to be

  9. Thats how I start all my conversations with girls, is that not a good opener?

  10. Sixty percent of the time, it works every time

  11. The thing with that argument is that it doesn't really make sense when you think about it. The game doesn't give you any indication that the starters would correlate to difficulty and it goes against the whole idea of Pokémon which is picking your favourites and using them. At that point you may as well say that only using Magikarps is the games real hard mode

  12. It does tell you, kinda, but it's vague, with the "bulbasaur is easy to raise, Squirtle is okay, Charmander is hard" thing and how each Pokemon fares in the first three gyms.

  13. That was added in the remakes (in the English versions at least) which indicates that they're aware of it now but it wasn't intended

  14. You're completely right. I just checked my copy of Red and it only asks if you want X pokemon, with no description.

  15. Yeah, really. Though it doesn't matter. They're just as bad as she is, even though they won't admit it.

  16. Oh yeah, they're still huge pieces of dirt. But it's always fun to watch them eat each other

  17. She is a cacawd priestess or something

  18. Not a fan of Ultra Jobber, but I've grown to accept it

  19. Mecharandom, hadn’t heard that name in a long time. And not surprised she’s acting like this.

  20. I remember her teasing her simps with her "jiggles". I wonder if she's doing more these days to keep them around

  21. "What's wrong, son? Is there a strong, competent woman in your shows again?"

  22. I didn't like her at all, but I could never get so aggressive with people who did like her. It's crazy

  23. It's surprisingly helping me move on from what was left of my gamergate/the fandom menace past. It's weird to say this, but I'm really thankful for the book

  24. Genuinely curious if you're comfortable, mind elaborating on what you mean by this? Either way, happy that you're enjoying the book and feeling better.

  25. Sorry for the watermark but this is the only version that is online right now.

  26. Yeah that's a shame. She's an amazing character and they barely give her any screen time

  27. Agreed, but she’s also a popular actor and I’m assuming it’s hard to get her for more than one or two episodes

  28. I haven't seen her anywhere lately, but she does have her music and that's probably taking a lot of her time too

  29. No burn actual money and make him watch by using shadow possession jutsu and make him watch a mountain load of money being burned

  30. Even better,use the jutsu to make him start the fire himself

  31. Sokol. Try eating your pizza with a bloody lip, handsome beast

  32. In Z they looked like men, in Super they looked like soyboys

  33. A Nerdrotic and Quartering fan, I suppose?

  34. Fuck did Tite Kubo make the mod? I'm laughing so much right now

  35. I can't imagine Kensei losing

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