1. The Walking Dead is the only right answer here

  2. This all Surf fault. Not defending him on this one. He be letting his ego fuck up everything.

  3. Bro I really don’t kno why I thought you were white. I’m sorry lol

  4. Oh wow good thing his not white right? That would real bad if was. Smh

  5. Free samples are 3.5g, let us know if you want one & we'll send 5 of you guys the price override code :)

  6. Sorry I don't mean to hate but help me understand. So what was the deal, would you just take a hit, put it down then go buy a new one or what?

  7. Literally…I’d buy one, Take a few hits, get a little buzz and go “wtf” and stash, it and bought another. 🤦🏾‍♂️. My very first experience came a few months prior when I ate a 20 mg edible and had a great time. Nobody told me that smoking and edibles were different. Did I mention I am almost 30 lol.

  8. Jeez man, there's no need to be embarrassed. I just couldn't understand why they were still so full.. but hey man if you still like flower better. I would recommend the florocal live rosin cartridges, the high is much similar to flower and they taste very good

  9. I’ll look into it! Thanks man. Honestly. I like everything now. I just wanna get high lol

  10. I just wish he made a edited version like a radio edit or something cause I wanna put it on a playlist without the intro breaking everything up

  11. Do it in the proper city please so the crowd isn’t wack. But I’d rather see Roc and iron on some Roc and Daylyt shit

  12. Saynt told Diz, "I'm here to teach you how to write, like the Phoenicians."

  13. I walk around with a 9 in a half! They ain’t my shoe size! I got one!

  14. This has been a tournament of upsets so although my mind says JC clear I wouldn't be even surprised if Swamp walks away with the W. This whole tournie been bananas. Besides JC the best emcees didnt really win (a lotta robbery and sus shit).

  15. Bro facts. this guy swamp has been getting away with saynig alot of sus shit. i think people be looking at jj and cal reaction in the back and going off them. And they ass been gassing everything. Swamp beat nitty ok I'll give you that. he damn near lose to everybody else in the tournamet to me

  16. He’s up there for sure but he’s not gonna beat Geechi. It’s gonna be an amazing battle tho. And I wouldn’t be shocked if they split the bread 50/50! King shit! Win win for them and us at the same time.

  17. It happened as predicted tho lol. It aged perfectly bruh

  18. Cortez said “we touch them 9s like pedophiles” once. Probably that. Shouldn’t want anything in your life to be like child molestation.

  19. Funny you say that. Roc said to Danny Myers “Squeeze the butt of this 17, shit is barely legal”

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