1. I notice a lot of them are in a self defeating way. I am pretty sick of confidently incompetant people

  2. Those dudes that spawn, run straight for hospital for bandages because I don't craft rags, then sprint to a mil zone with no food, 3 bandages they use up quickly because they don't block zombie melee attacks and then ask for help.

  3. Every red brick smokestack since ArmA II.

  4. Where’s every red brick smokestack? I ask you to compile a map with every brick smoke stack on all the maps. Please, complete this incredibly ridiculous and inconvenient task I’ve asked of you within the next 30 minutes. So I can go see this for myself.

  5. Stand right on NWAF, right in the middle of the runway, nice and still. I’ll deliver the list there shortly.

  6. Not army, AF 2T3, and I’ve got <2 years left. I counting the days, but with my luck I’ll make E6 and seriously consider staying the full 20.

  7. Ohhh, alright. You’ve got it made, my friend. You’re an Airman. I’d stay in until they forced me to leave if I were you. Lol. Our experiences likely have differed greatly.

  8. Fucking marines lol. I know exactly those boxed meals you’re talking about. Have had them many times.

  9. I believe you are right. After an hour or so of wandering solo my trusting nature gets the better of me, even with someone without a mic. However it the golden rule for a reason.

  10. I’ve personally disobeyed the rule before. It doesn’t always end badly. Just most of the time.

  11. Technically it can happen on any platform including a weak ahh pc yes. This happening on a 3080 razer... no. I love my laptop.

  12. they hand me a one time “only” refund for the same game, told then it kicked me off and wouldn’t let me play basically short truth, it was the discounted version btw

  13. I have been checking leaks and everything bcuz the game was too pricey and way over my budget. I saved up and bought it at 10pm during my time, and apparently it was on sale on 12am. I just realised it was on discount I have been playing for a week without knowing it was on sale. Its still such a pain for a student to go over 70$

  14. I know. Believe me, I’m with you. If it were my choice you’d get your discount.

  15. I’m a bitch cause I don’t like a shitty game that you all hold on a pedestal?

  16. We're always looking for ppl to run with if your interested in a group. We main official, like to pvp, raid, help freshies, and just mess around having fun. We don't dupe or exploit. Group age ranges from 25 to 39 (no toxic/childish ppl)

  17. I'm really sorry that meth doesn't make you horny. I'm even sorrier that it makes some of yall shrivel up. Makes my man able to cut diamonds with his cock. Quite an experience, I promise.

  18. How did you not take any damage and the dude right next to you got knocked? He was not that much closer than you

  19. I’d be interested in possibly joining. I’m typically on during the hours you describe. I’m no chad but I can hold my own in a fire fight. I can build. I can scout. I can guard and defend. Doesn’t matter to me.

  20. Truth be told! The best shit is when these thick queens sit and grind your shit with all their weight crushing your balls... Oooowweeeee you ain't never busted a real nut till you experienced that shit!

  21. Lol fuck. I gotta go find my ol’ lady now. She got a big fat ass on her. Maybe she’ll come out her shell a bit and show everyone on here.

  22. Your capping hard to anybody reading this don’t trust him heroine will make you a junkie low than meth could ever hope for

  23. I act as if other people aren’t this Amy be surprising but some people don’t want to be junkies and husks of their former selfs

  24. If you don’t wanna be a fiend why are you on a sub about methamphetamine?

  25. Yea right, if he’s on PS. The average is 12 people max at a time, on a Livonia server. Not sure if he’s on char though. You can keep a base for “months” at a time in Liviona. Which is the reason I go back and forth on community servers as well. Official is just for the survival and building experience only. The literally never run into anyone, unless you wait like a hour in a very popular city.

  26. That’s good. On a PS official Liviona server, What’s the “pop”? And which server.

  27. Yep. On a PlayStation Official Livonia server. There was around 25 players total.

  28. Because people have gear fear. Why even play at that point if your afraid to lose your stuff.

  29. No when you stack items they average their condition

  30. The condition of ammo doesn’t matter unless ruined.

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