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  1. Reminds me of that confession scene in the exorcist 3

  2. There certainly both feature confession booths. Great film!

  3. This is my digital edit of Head of Mad Ophelia by Michele Rapisardi (1865).

  4. Absolutely stunning changes, I love it! Fantastic edit, the flowers are especially perfectly done. If you hadn't linked the original, I'd have thought they were part of the original painting.

  5. The blood on the underside of the bed is also a nice touch. Leaves a little mystery as to what it is and what it did

  6. He was definitely one of those people who was in the right place at the right time

  7. I recommend it. No single coach is the best for you at everything you need to practice/improve in. The conservatory i attended (and i assume without anything to back it up that this is pretty standard) had three different teachers on rotation for our weekly session, and then we attended 3 or 4 other classes with all different teachers the rest of the week

  8. Which makes sense to me too, but my teacher advised me to just stay with him solely and no others.

  9. Of course. The more you learn, the more you can draw from.

  10. Which makes sense to me too, but my teacher advised me to just stay with him solely and no others.

  11. Man it's like I wrote this. Since last class my teacher had all us students perform a monologue. I was literally the only one who didn't have to read the lines from a sheet/stop and start again multiple times, yet the teacher seemed to be a lot easier on them.

  12. John Turturro originated the role and it’s written by John Patrick Shanley. I think it’s perfect for this challenge

  13. Some drug addicts are just drug addicts and are vicious, violent people who will kill you just because you looked at them weirdly.

  14. Your art is amazing!! Thank you for sharing your links *reddit doesn’t like my smile face so have an emoji :flushed:

  15. My mother-in-law unfortunately has an early form of dementia, we think a type called Lewy Body, which has caused her to have some crazy hallucinations. One time she came out of her bathroom and a bunch of people dressed like this were just standing in the dark staring at her similar to this. It’s a terrible disease but I never thought it would be terrifying in the way

  16. I'm very sorry to hear that, that sounds incredibly horrifying.

  17. The cheese burger had a poison, Margot died behind the scene.

  18. The director said that was not the case.

  19. Yet everyone is focusing only on Beyoncé for performing there… I know Kylie is every gay’s fairy godmother but at least be consistent.

  20. Do we know how much she was paid?

  21. Well she was paid 24 million for this. I’d take the gig too.

  22. I respect your honesty, I think everyone would.

  23. Reddit in general can be a cesspool. Actually, most social media.

  24. Pretty sure I saw a Tool album cover very similar to this. Eyes would blink when moving the picture left to right.

  25. Nope, I don't believe I've seen it

  26. Photoshop/Lightroom/AfterEffects and CapCut.

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