1. Now that global has Vera I wish I could cryosleep until this patch. 😞

  2. The "Energy Field" dodge based one is also really strong with solo A2

  3. How much longer will the prestige be available?

  4. This is confusing, the capsules are staying til the 9th but her skin is leaving the 29th?

  5. I really enjoy AD lb on aram. Extra 17% damage and autos and you can kite really really well. Especially good into tanks

  6. recently had a game with LB building Rav Hydra 4th after her core

  7. Nah. I'm fine with just the intros that we have right now. It gets the job done to show you that you shouldn't fuck around. My favorite definitely has to be Machiavelli. Man drops down and just casually walks right into the arena with the strict purpose to fuck your shit up.

  8. just wish they were skippable it gets annoying when ur restarting multiple times on the boss.

  9. what makes SSS selena better than SSS vera? what are their pros and cons

  10. Whats that information in the top right, what addon is that?

  11. its some live stat tracking like gold/min and cs/min

  12. I wonder if this is the same support team that asked Tyler1 how he knew someone was wintrading after providing video evidence with an explanation

  13. 100% as long as you buy the new Diana skin and then get a pentakill with it

  14. Just realized the queen wielding a katana with her S Frame.....

  15. Its what she originally used before switching to the banner spear

  16. There's been hints throughout the chapters implicating greater forces at play. It's a tad suspicious that a nanomachine virus manifested out of a technological breakthrough which would have heralded in a new revolution for human civilisation. It's glaring enough in-universe that Lustrous hypothesized that the Punishing Virus is an artificial Great Filter created by a more advanced civilisation for an unknown purpose. The newest chapters in CN all but confirmed this, given that the Punishing Virus was described as a selection factor.

  17. But then what's the point of having people that can control it? Now its unfairly biased and puts everyone else at the mercy of those that can control it.

  18. Speaking of alpha, she needs remodelling real bad, her model quality is nowhere near comparable to newer models, especially her low res clothes and hair

  19. Can we talk about how HUGE commandant's legs are

  20. This is what she got for winning the first Eden Contest in CN iirc. I hope the other regions' winners get something special.

  21. Of course, the moment the new Karenina frame arrives, I'll jump right back at it, sadly that would probably be in around a year

  22. Not quite, her patch is estimated to drop in July. So only 7 months haha. In a year we will be mid Bianca Abystigma's patch. Now thats gonna be a rough wait.

  23. Anyone happen to know how much stamina it takes to go from 1 to 25 on day 1 of the event farm stage? I should have near 3k saved up by time it drops.

  24. This is my BIGGEST ISSUE with the new Vera: why did they put her in "thigh highs"??? I'm trying to save for Liv: Segggs-pyrus. I refuse to become another one of Veras dogs!

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