1. This actually kind of pisses me off. Although I recognize that this aid is necessary, there are Americans who cannot afford to heat their homes this winter who will not be getting any or enough aid, and the Biden administration and democrats policies such as cancelling pipelines and preventing permits from being issued have contributed mightily.

  2. Stop watching fox news. Your brain will be washed just as it is in Russia.

  3. Winter is coming, and it will be devastating for one side

  4. I remember the Russian telegram channels saying that about Ukraine. They are so far up their own asses, it is going to be a treat when reality comes crashing down and Russia suffers extreme casualties to cold and artillery this winter.

  5. I think you can trust China to ruthlessly peruse it’s national best interests. Staying open to western markets is a huge priority for China.

  6. I don't know. Since Xi took power, China is attempting to isolate. He is falling into the same dictator trap as the rest of them. Xi is furiously trying to buy the technology for vaccines that work, but companies are starting to refuse to play ball with the scumbag. Zero Covid can't stop in China until they get a vaccine that actually works or they will suffer extreme deaths, which in addition to their demographic crisis spells doom for them. They are pretty fucked because of Xi.

  7. Yeah this is going to be a slaughter. I am awaiting the videos of mass casualties in the 5k+ ranges.

  8. Hope he likes the attention. I wonder how much this has cost him with canceled orders and general loss of good will for his companies. If I was a share holder in one of his companies I would be pissed.

  9. He also needs to get loans to buy Twitter while his stocks are decreasing in value. This should be interesting. If he manages to buy twitter and lets the nutters go crazy, hopefully we can be done with that platform and something new will come out with moderation.

  10. You don't think fascist Russia is our enemy?

  11. I don't know about that but I know a few cats and dogs have eaten some cold russians....

  12. Dogs eat Russians, then Russians eat Dogs. Circle of life in Mordor.

  13. The situation now makes the ukraine MoD's casualties numbers ever so slightly more believable

  14. I don't know man, I have seen Russian planes and choppers shot down every day for like the last month. That's just the recorded ones..

  15. It really won't be. They will starve to death just like everybody else.

  16. Geo thermal power and living on mushrooms like mole people. Russians will survive according to the plan.

  17. Heck yeah! Splitting 50k three ways, 16k each, that’s a lot of cash for russian soldiers who aren’t being paid by their own country!

  18. And who are now going to survive the war. There are a few smart Russians left.

  19. I guess its time to take our free security services we provide to OPEC countries like Saudi Arabia,Kuwait etc.. home.

  20. Go green and let them go to war with each other, I like it.

  21. Something tells me he'll be the only one on Twitter soon :)

  22. Will be funny when a better platform comes out after Musk starts letting nutters go ham on twitter; then hopefully, he will have to declare bankruptcy.

  23. He started a trade war, yes. He wanted to be a president to make the history books - even his remake of NAFTA (little to no change), pulling out of the Iran deal, his racist rants, 11k lies while in office, and all his buffoon like moves - guarantees a place in the history books.

  24. Twice impeached and hopefully the first former US president to serve life in prison.

  25. Mastery trolling by the US to announce new aid packages to Ukraine after Russian defeats xD

  26. Every time vlady poo threatens nukes, we should increase aid packages by a billion.

  27. The reality is Ukraine may have to seize Russian land to have enough leverage to get the kids back so what is the allies plans on that little issue?

  28. One step at a time. First liberate all territory seized by Russia, then worry about reuniting families from the fascist piece of shit Putin.

  29. Look, as much as I like Elon for what he has created and his contributions to the AFU, he was completely out of line. Spewing unfiltered Ru agitprop to the masses with his shit poll and shittier take on the outcome of the war. He deserves to be lambasted or worse - face material consequences - for being an unwitting or plain witless tool of genocidal occupiers.

  30. Musk hasn't contributed anything. He sold equipment that the US is paying for, instead of donating to a just cause, because he is a greedy piece of shit. Why anyone listens to him is a god damn mystery to me.

  31. "the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced it has purchased more than 1,330 terminals from SpaceX to send to Ukraine, while the company donated nearly 3,670 terminals and the Internet service itself."

  32. How the electricity is generated is irrelevant to what I said and it wouldn't only one country be affected.

  33. To be fair, he did say he was speaking for himself. Why did you feel the need to generalize and disagree with your strawman?

  34. Elon has now given Putin the permission to USE him as a minuscule piece of credibility due to Elon being of top tier wealth. That’s it.

  35. He thought it out. He is repeating Russian propaganda because he may fear for his satellites, but I think it is mostly just him being a dumb fuck that only knows how to use people and manipulate the stock market.

  36. The ruskies really enjoy being pocketed don't they?

  37. Top down command with Putin interfering. Big time shit show.

  38. Says the one clearly drinking the koolaid.

  39. You are drinking the fear koolaid seriously. You are vastly wrong.

  40. k. enjoy your Disneyworld life where things magically work out against all odds. I'll continue to weigh reality as informed by actual subject matter experts. Lets hope those in power listen to them over random Redditors, otherwise current trends aren't looking so hot.

  41. You are a random redditor and there are fucktons of sources showing China is floundering hardcore. They have open protests in the streets, their housing market is crashing, their banks to refusing to uphold their contracts, businesses are going bankrupts constantly. Dude, you watched one "navy analyst" who demonstrated he has no idea what he is talking about. Seriously, check your sources and look for more sources, because the ones you have are terrible.

  42. It's just a different warhead for a gmlrs rocket, calm down everybody.

  43. It needs at least a 80 year cleanse to come to terms with it's generational trauma. Now they're going to have hundreds of thousands of men coming home with insane PTSD issues on top of the Russian government lying to them. It's so fucked.

  44. I think there will be hundreds of thousands of dead men returning to Russia and their government will lie to their families.

  45. His point on the annexation decision (which is clearly illegitimate) clearing the legal hurdles in Russia for the open and mass deployment of conscripts is an interesting development.

  46. There has been quite a few people discussing this. However, as has been shown to be the case, law in Russia doesn't mean the same thing as it does in the west. Russian judicial system is a huge joke and laws don't really mean anything to Putin. They could just change the conscription laws and have them serve outside of the country. There is no justice in Russia, only those who have money and those who don't. There is also the concept that Putin will eventually use a nuke to defend "Russian territory" as a last desperate attempt to "win."

  47. Yes. But risk death from behind or guaranteed death from in front. Tough choice.

  48. Easy, frag the guy(s) behind you that want to hold the line to the last man, then surrender.

  49. God, you partisan parrots are the worst. How about an original thought once in a while.

  50. Hey man, every Republican that lives around me is a conspiracy nutjob. The party went to shit when they elected Trump.

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