1. lol when the support has the do the carrying

  2. For me, it seems trivially easy to reproduce the bug now that I know it's by using data. Can't go 5 minutes without hitting it multiple times. So it really should be easy to fix.

  3. That doesn’t answer the question of what’s causing it tho

  4. A clearer solution would be for NK to fix it

  5. They have casual mode and universal xp so it doesn't affect your official ranking. Also, you can't blame a new game pretty much still in its alpha phase for performance issues.

  6. Casual mode is nice but no BR or monke money which doesn’t help with heroes and slows down progression just slightly

  7. Do you want to try to be a small developer team for 10 games at once? I get that you're giving the game a chance but with such a small team like that you need to expect updates much slower than huge games.

  8. That’s fine being a small developer, but it’s not the same small indie studio working on blooms tower defence on flash

  9. It’s almost like… do I put this

  10. Hmmm…”weekly challenge“,”pulls from a pool of challenges for that card”

  11. It’s almost like levelling up faster makes it easier to win or something 🤔

  12. Kills took too long, it only counts when you kill quickly one after another

  13. This. It’s literally better than any mobile moba, even wild rift. If wr had tap controls it would be better probably (not saying better than vg just mean in general) which makes me wonder why tf mobile Mobas don’t do tap like it’s so much better it’s basically the mobile equivalent of a mouse click. Honestly I think the vg devs made a mistake putting resources into stuff like the pc version and should’ve just focused on keeping it great on mobile

  14. Because that’s what most mobile players are used to

  15. I tried last week but the wait killed me... I uninstalled 😢

  16. He still didn't explain how it's feasible to run the servers in its current state. As bare bones as it is , just running it costs money . Probably still thousands every month. So where do they get the money for that? And are they running it just to keep the community happy ?

  17. explained it pretty well to me, they kept all costs low and are just keeping it running for the community

  18. Must have frozen it the milesecond the Tesla pop up animation played

  19. Tesla is fine as is , maybe on the strong side even

  20. well no, because you can use this like an ice golem that can actually deal chip damage. For example, it can be used as either a win con in miner chip deck, or a cheap semi mini tank in something like logbait

  21. Where is everything unlocked? I haven’t used a skin or talent in years

  22. iOS here. Don’t have a second device. Don’t have money or time for anything else. Which pisses me off

  23. Play without skins then? Not like skins make you better or anything

  24. Same reason cw2 won’t be tournament standard

  25. Still boggles my mind why 1v1 Showdown doesn't strictly use average card level matchmaking like the rest of the Party Modes.

  26. Biggest problem imo is the elixer cost

  27. There’s another, Vainglory legion of one

  28. When was the last time supercell actually delivered 💀

  29. If there was actually content being consistently added to the game then the sub would actually have things to talk about

  30. Cannon card used to be balanced I would say until they decided to add the buffs to cannon to the cannon cart second form

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