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  1. I find it fun building up my altars with things I find over time. My most recent addition was very thin tiny glass vase I found in a charity shop and a couple of brass bells.

  2. There is a wheel and you can switch. What are you playing on? PC or Consol?

  3. Right but all I see is D4, D6, D10, D20.... lol sorry the D&D coming out.

  4. Silly bird, Reddit would have evaporated into oblivion by then

  5. Is it still Gangnam style? I though it switched to Wu Tang

  6. I just went back and shot him in the head. Bitch can't hurt anyone no more and he was no use alive to me anyway.

  7. I didnt even know about the sandi. I just wanted to punch that assholes lights out.

  8. Mix red and blue together and what do you get...

  9. It's a POI, so you'll come across it eventually in San Domingo if you take the time to explore. You'll see a symbol, too. It stands out and isn't hard to find.

  10. I loved the cut scene for it. Would have been a lot cooler if there was more cut scenes like this through out the game.

  11. That's it exactly. Corpo V office trousers.

  12. They both went in together for that mission though. And if you think about it, Jackie sort of kills V also by giving them the relic.

  13. I had a couple in game other day. You'll have ti check other stores or just time jump a few times

  14. I want a cyborg body, or just download me into a fully robotic body. I want optics to see the whole spectrum, I want to experience art in new ways, I want to fly. But I'm stuck in a shitty body with chronic testicular pain. I permanfell like I've just been kicked in the nuts.

  15. Same. I have to take 6 prescription medications just to function and looking at my parents, it's very likely that I'll need hip and/or knee replacements in the future. This organic body is garbage, let me trade it in for a synthetic body like Major from GitS:SAC already.

  16. I know that it can be kinda depressing, being a ghost in a shell but I think I'd still choose it over this meat bag body.

  17. That big Amulet they stole from the auction.

  18. There's a legendary blueprint you could get of a gun. Craft that and sell it. You'll get more money for the gun than the components cost. Do this a bunch if times. Buying components, crafting, sell. It's tedious as fuck but you want money? Do this for a little bit. I'll try find the name of the gun.

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