1. He had given 3 years of his life to office Depot since age 18, and Virginia having a state of emergency the day ahead of time in light of the ice storm did not alter corporate or the GMS stance on making sure the doors opened at a certain time.

  2. As far as mainline bullet hells are concerned, 8 and 10 are often cited as the easiest. And while 8 offers an abundance of practice resources, I personally find the patterns in 10 to be a bit easier. Combined with 8 generally being a far more complex game mechanic-wise, I'd recommend 10. Both are terrific, however.

  3. They have to have had 4 years in the military, 60 hours of college credit, and pass the relevant tests. This gives them a 5 year certificate. For most temporary certificates, teachers are given three years (and already have to have a bachelors degree).

  4. According to Matt Smith, the House of the Dragon has a lot of action scenes.

  5. I’ve played both last of us 1 and 2. I want to say that i find myself between both sides of “i absolutely loved it” and “i absolutely hate it”. For my the first half of the game its extremely strong. The combat is vastly improved over the Last of Us 1. The AI seems a lot smarter, and gameplay overall can be extremely immersive with cool moments a bit more open design for more options on dealing with enemies. The dark gritty feeling of the world and finishes on enemies is still their too. The story in the first half is interesting for me as well.

  6. iPad is £320, Apple Pencil 1st gen is £90, procreate is £9

  7. It took until I lost close to 60 lbs for people to notice my weight loss, so don't feel bad (if you are feeling down about that). I haven't checked out the Type 2 diabetes subreddit and probably won't if you can't discuss keto there. I've been eating keto for nearly 7 years now and my health is absolutely fine. My labs all come back in normal range. I feel so much better, have lost weight, and am clearly healthy. Keto isn't for everyone but I really think it's made a huge difference (for the better) in my health.

  8. It’s so crazy to me how well they made Edwina and Kate seem so far off in maturity when in real life, there’s only a 2 year age gap at 25 and 27 respectively. Then Pen and Eloise are fairly convincing playing young ladies (maybe not teens, but still young) when in reality they’re 35 and 32 respectively.

  9. Without spoiling anything. What lvl is the last boss of xc3? Just started chapter 7 and my party is all lvl 59.

  10. I had a 98 Camry, it was teal and a tank….nothing could stop that car. It got to 318k miles and then I sold it, for $4,000…’s probably still running.

  11. Those aren't bots; believe me I know a number of players that have spent 10s of thousands on the game and there are a couple of players I know that have spent north of $50k on the game (I'm sure there are dozens of such players just looking at the world rankings - the tiebreaker on 92k there is on total spending, so has zero relevance to how good a player you are). I've spent more than I care to admit (although still nowhere near the levels mentioned above) but it's been over 2+ years and I treat it like any hobby - yes, it's incredibly expensive if you chase clubs impatiently but there are enough challenges and tournaments etc. now that a patient player can build to at least level 7 legendaries without breaking the bank too much (it can take a long time, but it's doable).

  12. The halt was at +17.00%. I think it’s likely that was a pre-programmed percentage. Your $26 claim may be FUD if it causes people to Believe $26 is a magic number.

  13. AR 45 here. Is it worth upgrading 4* artifacts since I only have less than 10 5* artifacts, some of which I don’t even use because theyre not suitable for my characters? I suppose you can use them as fodder for 5*s later on?

  14. Future is not looking very bright but the Rockies have not been in the post season in 4 years. The Cubs and Red Sox went as long as 38 and 27 years, respectively. Not seeing the glare here.

  15. Depende mucho de la experiencia real que tengas también en las tecnologías, que no es lo mismo saber un poco de cada que dominarlas a la hora de desarrollar y lo mismo se puede llegar a reflejar en las pruebas técnicas.

  16. I can tell you from a finance perspective that grade 16 is a senior financial analyst so like a senior-non supervisory role. Grade 17 is a supervisor. Grade 18 is where you see more entry level manager roles. Grade 18 and above is where you get awarded RSUs. The pay bands are pretty wide so it’s hard to pin point exactly how they decide what to go with without seeing HRs formula. I imagine they aim for the low to middle of the band to allow for more growth.

  17. Halloween 4's sounds like a half arsed quick fire version of the original. I understand why people might dislike Curse's or 2's or even H20's but they're all doing something different whilst 4 is just a lesser version of the original. 5's is marginally better than 4's since it lasts more than 30 seconds and has more variety in instrumentation.

  18. So which one of the 60+ hour to 3 hour podcasts he put out in the last 6 months have you seen? Tweets are not recent works.

  19. My current routine is running focused. Monday is a rest day. Tuesday is a mid-range hour run in the morning and then lifting in the afternoon. Wednesday is a easy 30 min recovery run in the morning and lifting in the afternoon Thursday is a rest day. Friday is a 15 minute easy run, then hill work for another 15 minutes, lifting afternoon. Saturday is a 5K or other event at best pace. Sunday is a long run of about 2 hours, but at my Zone 2 pace.

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