1. MAN .... you got this masculine, freaky, DL brutha. On the Wes' side of Detroit ...

  2. well prostitution isn't really seen by law enforcement as a lawful, wholesome, innocent activity. maybe that's it, idk. just talking out of my ass tbh. just BS chat.

  3. He offered a 15 yo money to have sex. That's the crime.

  4. Why didn’t that click in anyone’s minds? That’s a major felony, he’d get more than that 60 months probation. You’d even think Chris would play it up for the 💰views. It’s sensational.

  5. This version of J. looks too dirty and dishonest

  6. Hey, he was just there because someone warned him about girls going down a bad road in life. His good hearted actions made him look like a buffoon.

  7. How long have you been on “Skip the Game”?

  8. Becoming a headache. Google Drive link, etc?

  9. Considering he asked her her "rate," that would make total sense. Dude was willing to solicit child prostitution, shocking that he wasn't charged with that when Chris read out what he was convicted for.

  10. Hey - are you available now? Location for incall? Rate for hh?

  11. His statement at the UN was … interesting to watch his face. Lol

  12. She'd be good. But he screwed over Colin Powell, who'd have been better.

  13. Pound on my pussy like it’s the jukebox, Fonzie.

  14. Remember though-we wouldn’t have any frame of reference on how she handled the pandemic. Regardless of how well she did it, we’re still talking hundreds of thousands dead. The average American voter wouldn’t realize how much worse it could have been

  15. True. But I don’t think the pandemic was the death stroke for Trump’s reelection, but it was a contributing factor. I think the biggest factor was simply voter fatigue. People like to visit the circus but not live there full time. Swing voters got tired of it.

  16. She’d probably lose. It’d already be three terms of Democratic administration, and COVID would hamper any reelection bid regardless of how she dealt with it compared to Trump in our timeline. Congress would still be red and gridlocking her, so I doubt she could claim much legislative accomplishments. Combined with her age and relative lack of charisma, the odds would likely be stacked against her

  17. The fact that it's three Dem terms in a row means nothing, really. Especially if you accept the premise that she won. I've found that to be more of a cyclical trend with time and social trends, so it's dubious despite the objective data to me, tbh.

  18. You make your own Spider-Man dildo? Yeah. I don’t show it to company.

  19. I highly doubt his aunt used a Spider-Man toothbrush

  20. Love it! I'm pretty liberal, domestically, and I miss what the GOP used to be. And even if I'm a bleeding-heart I know to respect Nixon in his foreign policy. Pat for First Lady!

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