Kinzinger hits back at Boebert’s church and state remarks: ‘We must oppose the Christian Taliban’

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Trump lunged at Secret Service agent in rage when told he couldn’t go to Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifies

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  1. And yet people still continue to fall for his ridiculous bait and treat it like gospel. I agree with another commenter that his channel and other SM accounts should at least be held for review before being allowed to publish on this sub.

  2. ELI5 - I'm hearing a lot of hee-haw about the 256 vs 512 SSD speed differences, with 256 being the slower, and slower than m1. What does this mean in practice... I for one am not a "power-user (would upgrade to the pro if I was) and store most of my files on the cloud anyways. Would going with the 256 and 16g configuration be stupid? or may I just as well go 512/16g. I have late 2013 mpb with 256g and I think I still have 180g storage left in it.

  3. You are hearing exactly that - “hee-haw” from enthusiasts who have no intention of purchasing the base model MacBook Air or Pro and who believe that average users stress their machines to the max, which could not be any further from the truth if they tried.

  4. Is this expected to sell out on launch day? I want to purchase the base MBA but scared after the SSD thing with the Pro

  5. Are you going to be doing anything that would actually stress the SSD? If not, I wouldn’t worry about the SSD speed whatsoever. If you turn off benchmarking software, I guarantee you that you couldn’t tell a difference in most use cases.

  6. I'm a mega-supporter, but the fact that Alfred 5 still cannot follow shortcuts and symlinks properly for apps is really disappointing. I symlink a lot of apps into ~/Applications (I'm a nix user) and Alfred can't find any of the applications linked (whereas Raycast works perfectly). I've seen posts about this in the Alfred forums dating back to like 2014, but they don't seem like they care enough to fix.

  7. The value prop of Alfred, to me, is the fact that the developers aren’t working for a VC firm, unlike Raycast’s developers. VC firms have done massive damage to the software and gaming worlds, because they always end up hollowing out companies whilst shoving horrendous payment models down people’s throats.

  8. thank god i have the mega supporter powerpack :D

  9. Regular v4 licenses seem to be working as well, for the time being. I wonder how long this will last!

  10. For me, it's less about what the performance is today - I am sure it will be fine. The issue here is that I can't be sure where this laptop will be in 5-6 years. I like to get longevity out of my machines, and having budget level SSD performance today could hinder what I can do in 5-6 years. Plus, it shouldn't be much to ask for a company not to hamstring their "next generation" products with inferior configurations that cannot be upgraded

  11. The popular theory I have seen being tossed around is that Apple moved to 256GB NAND chips in order to help provide a small amount of relief during the ongoing chip shortage, and that makes some amount of sense when you think about it.

  12. I'd be more okay with the chip shortage explanation if they just came out and said it, ya know? Probably won't happen given it's Apple, but still.

  13. The future of computing (unless things go catastrophically wrong) appears to be more and more cloud centric for many things. We have reached an area compute wise where most consumers have more than enough power available at their fingertips for most anything they can think to do.

  14. Sorry, but I already get enough ‘have you tried switching it off and on’ answers. This is just going to send the ‘basic’ and ‘generic’ replies through the roof. I guess it’s a good move by Apple who can’t be bothered to police/answer themselves

  15. Oh, Apple absolutely polices the replies on their forums. They just remove anything that's actually useful, which is beyond aggravating.

  16. Yeah I never understand what they’re talking about when they talk about the American left-a bunch of people clamoring for unnecessary change does not the left make. Meanwhile everyone tap dances around the elephants under the rug. Oops didn’t mean republicans but hey. My new name for them: the Regressive Party.

  17. The only truly "left of center" politicians I can think of at the moment include Bernie Sanders, AOC, Katie Porter, and maybe Chris Murphy.

  18. It’s already set for that. I don’t get the purpose of cloud backup. Messages for example taking up 2gig of storage. Why can’t I delete them from phone, and retrieve them from cloud when necessary? Same with photos. I had to pay extra for Google Photos storage because they actually are stored and I can delete from phone.

  19. iCloud has never been a backup service. Rather, iCloud was designed from the beginning to be a syncing service.

  20. It would serve you well to at least know what devices you are talking about….the “iWatch” does not exist, but the “Apple Watch” certainly does!

  21. I don't consider "psychological health" to be a valid reason for abortion. That falls under elective. Nor do I consider rape a valid reason, that's elective too. I'd be willing to concede the case of incest only because it's so very, very rare. "Serious fetal abnormality" is too subjective. To some, Down's would be "serious."

  22. So if someone were to rape a woman (a horrible event that a woman definitely didn’t ask for) and she became pregnant, you’re arguing that she should also lose her bodily autonomy under the law and be forced to bear her attacker’s child?

  23. You want to kill an innocent human being because some other person committed a crime? And obviously the rapist should be severely punished? Who says the consequences should fall just on her? I didn't.

  24. As long as a woman receives an abortion before the 24th week of pregnancy, I don't see the issue with it....same thing for medical complications and incest. There are very few people who have been born before the 24th week and survived, and even those that did almost always ended up with other health complications because you're not fully developed at that stage yet.

  25. RF chip design is probably one of the hardest engineering disciplines out there, as everything has to fall into insane timing windows, you need complex signal processing and it all has to fit into a tiny IC that draws very little power. 5G is like trying to to talk to someone half a kilometer away from you through dense traffic, so doing it reliably is really hard.

  26. Never mind the fact that RF chip design is a minefield to begin with….it has gotten to the point where you can’t really make an effective chip without running afoul of Qualcomm or Mediatek in some form or fashion.

  27. I…think this is seven months late.

  28. Nah, Apple was just done with their New Year’s siesta!!

  29. I don't think they do. The Secret Service agent in question just didn't say anything, according to Hutchison, when Hutchison was told this (and he was in the room) He might not have heard or chose to comment at all. He is slated to testify and the Trump team is saying it will vindicate that Trump never assaulted him or lunged for the steering wheel.

  30. Anytime I read “the Trump team says”, I can be fairly confident that whatever they are claiming is the exact opposite of what happened. In this case, it definitely looks like the POTUS tried to interfere with the duties of the Secret Service.

  31. According to that shitlord, women who are raped should be forced to bear their attacker’s child, if they survive that at all.

  32. Ok that is helpful to know. I just checked, and my credit score is 794 and my credit limit on my Apple Card is $7000. So for me, I’m planning on doing the monthly installments for two MacBook Airs once they become available, one for me and one for my wife. But it will work well for me because of those factors.

  33. Yeah, your credit is fantastic so that won’t be an issue for you whatsoever. For someone else who may not have as great of a credit score or limit though doing the finance option may not be as good as they think!

  34. My advice for anyone getting a credit card is to treat it like it’s a debit card. Just pay it off completely every month. If you do that, you can enjoy the benefits of the rewards, build up your credit score, and not drive yourself into debt. But if you can’t handle the temptation, don’t get a credit card.

  35. Agreed. An unfortunate number of people treat credit cards like free money, which is an excellent way to get yourself into a sticky situation financially. This is partially why I have so much disdain for Apple pushing their Apple Card financing on so many things!

  36. Good point! Should I add that they’re well baked too?

  37. I am really getting tired of hearing the members of my family saying I shouldn't trust everything I hear and should do my own research ignore my literal dozen years of research, training and practice when it comes to medicine to just repeat whatever Tucker Carlson said last night after I wasted hours of my time explaining to them how the immune system fucking works.

  38. I understand your pain. It absolutely mystifies me that my friends and neighbors believe they know more about politics than me, when I hold a degree in politics and know infinitely more about politics, law, and the structure of government than they ever dream of comprehending.

  39. Industry needs to move away from passwords, or anything that people have to remember.

  40. IOS Shortcuts are actually pretty powerful, but they are only as good as the work/steps you create in your shortcut.

  41. My main issue with Shortcuts is that their abilities are entirely limited to whatever a developer wants you to do with their app. In Apple’s case they keep their apps pretty simple so there is not a whole lot you can do with them to begin with, but in the case of many third party devs they just don’t want to invest the effort into enabling users to better customize their experience.

  42. As a heavy power user and macOS automator, I'd love it if more apps supported Shortcuts, but I don't know if I'd like Apple forcing the support on developers. There are tons of apps and general software out there that doesn't allow any third-party access.

  43. Hence why I said “rudimentary” support. If everyone is using the exact same baseline, then what would there be to complain about?

  44. Good. That would have made for some interesting Thanksgiving dinners otherwise.

  45. PA here. Shapiro has to win (Fetterman, too).

  46. I did a double take seeing that name. Is the Pennsylvania Shapiro related to the sad fuckstick that publishes the Daily Wire?

  47. This is a shitty game apple is playing, highlight the improvements; why the f do they downgrade? (Atleast mention it)

  48. Because the differences are not going to be noticeable to most people? Y’all literally make mountains out of molehills because some tech “influencer” told you that your machines are unusable if you aren’t constantly running benchmarking software and fretting over small fluctuations in numbers.

  49. Someone might very well be accustomed to some feature based on the R/W speeds, one needn’t be a tech genius to feel the tech stuff, it could very well be like, it feels like it’s happening slower. I mean when the user does something which needs this facet, he’ll feel it. It’s a necessary mention.

  50. The R/W speeds that are being quoted in this article are still more than fast enough for what most people use a laptop for. Like I said, if you were to turn off the benchmarks and just use the machine instead of letting people tell you what to feel, I guarantee you that things would be just fine.

  51. We had a dude in Alabama for a cup of coffee last term named Doug Jones that I really appreciated. I still believe Bernie has a good heart. That’s about all I got lol

  52. Doug Jones….the sacrificial lamb that has great potential but doesn’t appeal to the racists in Alabama whatsoever.

  53. I would be down to have President Katie Porter use her famous whiteboard in official speeches.

  54. The funny thing about crypto is that the technology is relatively sound while the market for now really isn't. Cryptobros aren't exactly responsible investors.

  55. No. The biggest issue that all cryptocurrencies will continue to have for the foreseeable future is the fact that they are nothing more than investment vehicles, and not currencies.

  56. Be careful, our opinion is not appreciated by the fanbois. I made the leap recently to Monterey (from High Sierra) and I'm flabbergasted on how ugly and dumbed down it is now. I really welcomed every design change along the way from os9 to aqua to flat and skeumorphism on the way but this new direction is just an inconsistent mess.

  57. I think your opinion is more of a pariah nowadays because many likely view it as trying to desperately cling to the past without giving the future a try (not that this is my own opinion, just an analysis of many different threads I’ve seen over the past several years)

  58. That was for the best, to be fair. Intel had an undeniable advantage by the time of Snow Leopard’s release, especially for laptops.

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