1. GT7 hands down. Driving my own car in VR is pretty damn surreal!

  2. Found 2 of these at the entrance to my building in Denmark. One lying on its back.

  3. I would love to be able to jump on the hype train!

  4. I think the persons contact name has something to do with the venue. That's how the original was at least.

  5. Ring til 1888 (Lev Uden Vold), de er så gode at tale med. Tag evt. imod tilbud om at komme på krisecenter. Du skal væk fra det der.

  6. Hundrede procent det her svar. Alt andet er selvbedrageri.

  7. Well, at least they're all drivning directly towards one of the biggest hospitals in the country!

  8. Min rekord hos av-cables er 9½ time fra bestilling til levering. Det er absurd god service.

  9. I am! I started this one when it initially released with the PS5 but stopped after my first play through. I got the plat in Elden Ring and it made me wanna come back for it! I just ordered the Dark Souls trilogy and Sekiro 🙌🏼

  10. Don't sleep on Bloodborne! My fav by far 😁

  11. I stopped playing with my PSVR1 because I grew tired of fighting with its tracking issues while playing games. Nothing kills immersion like your gun or hands floating away from you while you're trying to shoot things.

  12. Then you're going to be one happy camper, cause the tracking is really a big, big step up. The controls and the camera is on point.

  13. I kinda agree with you. GT7 with a proper steering wheel is a blast, but apart from that, I too expected a little bit more from the graphics in the games over all. Just out of curiousity, do you use glassets as well?

  14. I can confirm we are married to the same woman or are the same person

  15. Same here! Shes clocked 25 hrs on it since wed., and her controls are definetly improving. Almost to the point where my toes are back to normal.

  16. Lol. I've read the article. There are no benchmarks yet, the only proof they have is just a dev saying on a discord thread that Pavlov: Shack (a graphically slimmed down version of Pavlov) run "probably 10%" better on PS5 and PSVR2 that a high en PC.

  17. I'm pretty sure he was asked about his gfx card on Twitter after the 10% quote, and said 3090Ti.

  18. I love this game. The gameplay and story is great, but I won't need to elaborate as it is well covered by others in threads through the years.

  19. Darren Korb is Supergiants go to guy. Love his music. He's also voicing Hades among others.

  20. I might be misreading your comment since Hades is the title of the game and a character, but I think you’ve got it a little mixed around.

  21. Yes, Zagreus and Skelly. I meant Hades as the game 😊 I've platinumed it on both PS4 and 5, yet still mixing it up 😁

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