1. Tumblr has taught an entire generation of fanfic writers how to use tags wrong I see

  2. Among my pitiful claims to fame on AO3 include writing multiple Hololive TF fics and Genshin Impact pegging fics.

  3. I swear some people on this sub are braver then soldiers on the front line with how brazen they are with their weird kinks.

  4. I know this post is mostly a joke but it makes sense. Pokémon's main demographic is for kids and always will be. But you're still allowed to enjoy it regardless. Unless you're hurting someone, you're allowed to enjoy whatever you want without feeling judged.

  5. Its kind of funny what phrases different people will latch on to derive humor from. From the playthroughs of the game I've seen so far no one including myself batted an eye at the phrase's repetition so I wonder what makes it stand out to be so funny for some people.

  6. That just goes to show how important spreading the word is! Btw if you want an idea of what the series is you can look at this

  7. Please buy KLONOA Phantasy Reverie Series when it comes out July 8th. The series desperately needs another chance.

  8. I think it depends on if non sentient pokemon exist or not. If they do, its probably acceptable to eat meat as long as the pokemon the meat came from weren't sentient. Though I imagine some pokemon still aren't completely comfortable with it. Imagine going to a restaurant and seeing your own species on the menu, that would still be very unnerving.

  9. Whats the context? Is this a thing you're working on?

  10. It's a graphic novel I'm trying to on. She's a teenager with a heritage of magic and weirdness who tries to maintain a balance between the human and magic realms as she encounters criminal wizards, monster hunting cults, and ancient calamities.

  11. I'm so glad this is back! I don't use Discord much so its hard to keep up to date with all the rom hack stuff. That's what makes this newsletter so convenient. Anyway all the hacks are looking good and the new portraits and sprites look great! Though the highlight for me personally is NeroIntruder's Digimon portraits. That Gammamon looks so cute! I look forward to the day their Digimon hack is complete.

  12. Again another one of my prompts have been chosen, thanks to all who voted! My last prompt was written with action in mind so I decided to do a complete 180° and go all in on world building baby! This is your chance to give your own spin on the mysterious creatures known as pokemon. How do moves work? How do certain types function? What do pokemon eat? What is evolution? I hope you guys enjoy the smorgasbord of lore opportunities!

  13. This art is GORGEOUS! Goddramon never looked so good!

  14. Is that thinner than the older model? If so, it's a insta-buy for me

  15. Its so funny, I waited forever for an English release and the moment they do they announce something new that makes it already obsolete. I wanted to avoid importing but I have no choice since I have no idea when the BE or VV will make it over here or even if they'll make it here at all considering they've kneecapped the Vital Hero release (well for the digimon fans at least).

  16. Where did you hear that? I read that the VV is based on the new BE models and the Vital Hero are based on the og vital bracelet.

  17. So, what needs to be done to get it ported to PC as well?

  18. It whole game would need to be remade unfortunately. The game was made using smilebasic which is a dev app that makes games exclusively for the 3DS & Switch using the hardware itself. So unless you know how to remake the game from scratch and can contact the dev its probably not coming to pc for a while.

  19. This is a very funny continuation of a post I made about a week a go trying to shill the game

  20. Oh the Digivice VV looks sick. Im definitely going to get that model when its out.

  21. Definitely one of the few things that actually fired neurons for me at the Summer Game Fest show. Love the character designs and the gameplay looked cool. It sucks that it's a gacha but I'll still check it out.

  22. Im glad my prompt got picked. A lot of past prompts that I've noticed either focus on world building or character writing. While those are both important, a major aspect of the pokemon series is seeing cool looking monsters beat the snot out of each other. So I though a prompt focusing on action would be a nice change of pace. I hope you guys have fun writing and enjoy!

  23. Its coming out on the 16th of this month in Japan but this is the first time ive ever seen it before. I get that the anthropomorphic art style will be a turn off for some people but it looks great so it would be a shame if it continued to go unnoticed.

  24. TOURNAMENT ARC! TOURNAMENT ARC! TOURNAMENT ARC! The Hero and Partner enter a Fighting Tournament! How do one of their matches go?

  25. Now the real question is if the new jp vb bandai are teasing has any new improvements over this one. Cause if it does I think I'll play the waiting game or just import.

  26. I didn't know Asuramon was a fan of the the Nicolas Cage classic film FACE/OFF.

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