1. i'm a simple, tired man. i see pickles, i think of lee greer

  2. i know it sounds weird weird coming from myself

  3. *slams the 3K pages long chat log on the kitchen countertop* YOU SEE HOW THIS LOOKS?

  4. Thing is, the other predators have 1/2 a brain & they hang up quickly. Check out Chris Hansen's podcast; he tried getting interviews with them & they hang up. Lorne is a special one because he's a straight up moron with brain damage due to his alcoholism. I'd love to see other predators get catfished on a Lorne level but it won't happen.

  5. Yep. Ancient history. It's what happens when a company loses their talent in a shitty way. A good company is made up of their ppl. Take a look @ Konami for example. They were so focused on arcade games in the 1980's & dominated. To add, Konami gave us legendary series of Castlevania, Metal Gear, Contra, & Silent Hill. That was the golden era. Konami has changed their focus & is now all about pachinko machines, gambling, smartphone games & Yu-Gi-Oh!

  6. i hate him more than "Mr. Gary" the fact that Coates really goes through great lengths to fight back knowing he did a shitty thing & @ times has been successful. Coates needs to die ASAP.

  7. yeah it boggles my mind. Coates is another predator who deflects as much as Lorne. "I'm the victim here"

  8. That mask can't get any better than any other. Slight modifications some wrappings and bam, it could end up being an offical.

  9. yep exactly & it makes me curious how no one else especially an Etsy seller hasn't already done this. Just buy these Phantom masks by the wholesale then mod them like Barrrows as you said then sell it for a good price.


  11. When Lorne is found dead inside his trailer of failure, it'll be exactly this position

  12. I really hope this man finds help somehow. Such a wasted life. That being said I’m sure he’ll fall for many more tricks

  13. For that to be a possibility, Lorne will need to admit & own up to his mistakes which HE CAN'T HE WON'T. The guy projects more than iMAX Theater. Lorne is beyond hopeless. The next step for him is death. There is no next exciting chapter of Lorne growing wisely.

  14. Which means Conradt never blew his chomo brains out with F-A-T-A-L-I-T-Y written in blood on the wall

  15. it's the ultimate inside joke & it's great to see others share the warped sense of humor + i find it interesting when a "plot twist" occurs to the predators today. Examples such as Wolin's suicide, Jeff Stacy's OD, the Lorne saga continuing & learning how a person really can be that dumb amongst many more.

  16. Imagine Michael Wilusz just broke his neck here then died & this is pre-Conradt suicide. TCAP just indirectly doing GOD's work.

  17. They don't come here. Best bet is to find someone on staff over @ Twitter & try your luck there.

  18. And for good reason. Have you seen... Well.. gestures wildly at the sub the state of this bitch?

  19. straight up this decoy went hard. same way how the decoy for Kendall went hard. Imagine the cops arrested all of them? lmfao

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