1. I don’t know how many people are willing to make that drive, with that type of rig, and the knowledge of what they are coming up against. Thousands who have lost their homes and everything inside of them. Hundreds who have lost neighbors and loved ones. Millions without power. Extremely dangerous work conditions while the stress of knowing what happens if you don’t or can’t do your job eats away at you.

  2. Wrong my dads down there for OPPD and it’s the company that pays.

  3. Tell your dad thank you! In this scenario particularly, I imagine it is very hard and dangerous work. Hope he is able to come back home safely soon.

  4. Maybe someone can explain to me how this degree of secrecy is allowed in local government? I'm just thinking about federal recordkeeping requirements, and what I've heard about the documentation requirements for administrators at UNL. Is there not a similar responsibility placed on municipal matters? Is there an advantage (for anyone except beneficiaries of corruption) to being able to do these things on the down-low?

  5. Wait until you hear about ALEC. The levels of corruption in this country are astounding, even at local levels unfortunately

  6. Did you find Red? Maybe get an AirTag to put on his collar when you do? Good luck :(

  7. I’m probably A or AA. My boobs are completely flat when i lie on my back, and i don’t feel them when I lie on my stomach. On one hand i hate how flat it is and there’s nothing to squish but on the other hand at least i can put my phone on my chest when i scroll i suppose.

  8. Hey, thought I would share a discovery I recently made. I have always thought I was an A or AA cup (I’m 30 right now for reference). I’ve tried many bras over the years and none fit so I just gave up eventually and wore only bralettes for years, which still didn’t fit well but I just figured my boobs were somehow too small for bras.

  9. Home Depot and Lowes both allow dogs. We spent a ton of time there when we were training ours, it’s perfect.

  10. I took my two younger dogs to Lowes a couple of times a week during the winter while they were pups. It was nearby, got them out, used to people/sometimes other dogs, foreign noises and smells. The only thing I wish I had known going into the Lowes adventures when they were puppies was that I needed to bring cleaning supplies in case of accidents. My boy Leo had very unpleasant accidents in the aisles every time we went, and on our first trip I was completely unprepared. After that I brought lots of doggie bags, paper towels, disinfecting wipes, etc.. But it was a great way to get our pups out during the winter, I highly recommend it!

  11. Thank you. This needs to be said more in defense of our children.

  12. It’s scary how much of our society seems to think kids don’t deserve basic rights. Educate your kids on their constitutional rights, friends!

  13. He died 3 weeks ago, your plates expired 3 months ago.

  14. What a fucking disgusting thing to say to someone. All over some expired plates? Go join OPD, you would fit in great.

  15. Really have mixed feelings. Don’t want to see the damage to our country from the strike but at the same time the demands sound very reasonable and the railroads can certainly afford it. Seems there ought to be a way to compromise

  16. A strike has potential to really fuck this country up, frankly. Most of us, including myself, have very little understanding of just how much we rely on the railroads. This is not good news at all.

  17. The other Deputy police chiefs in Omaha make around $150k per year, so the lost wages definitely account for more than four years of salary.

  18. Sheesh. Almost makes you want to make her mistake and try to join to be one of the “good ones”. Until you come back to reality that is. Pretty insane, especially considering how large the pay gap is between, say, our cops and our teachers.

  19. I had an acquaintance who swore by using a blow dryer on his toes to prevent athlete's foot. I figured id it worked on toes it would probably work elsewhere. I don't live in the tropical environment anymore, but I still do it just to make sure everything gets properly dried after showering.

  20. I do this as well. It also helps after showers to prevent yeast infections in women

  21. You’ve probably already considered this, but just in case, cats always work! Sorry I don’t have any other suggestions

  22. We have cats! We'd rather not resort to this since they are esentially my babies and there's the possibility of them catching diseases and parasites. Regardless, they're excellent mousers. In previous places they catch them and run around the house with them in their mouths until I manually open their mouths and set the poor things free. They won't chomp down, but they will slober all over them!

  23. I would love to see education in schools surrounding local heroes and personalities include Malcolm X, but with the way things are trending that isn’t going to happen. It’s possible that it was in the curriculum and since I didn’t move to Omaha until 4th grade I missed it, or that I just wasn’t paying attention if it was taught. But I can say my son is in 7th grade and doesn’t know who Malcolm X is, so I doubt it is in current curriculum…or at least not sufficiently covered.

  24. You might check Craigslist for sublets/spare rooms in existing homes. CL is deader by the day unfortunately but some people still use it. You’d probably be better off renting from a “private citizen” landlord than an apartment complex.

  25. A car was left in the garage running with the door closed.

  26. Where did you read that? News outlets that I’ve seen haven’t cited any evidence as to what went wrong.

  27. That’s so scary that it was hard to wake up even with the alarm. I had NO idea that the detectors go bad, I’m going to go replace mine this weekend. I have one on every floor, might even get more. Thanks for sharing that info.

  28. Sorry about the other commenter. This is probably obvious but people are always trying to rehome birds on Craigslist, and the humane society gets some as well.

  29. Pretty sure The Pet Clinic does - off 144 & Center

  30. Yep I took my girl in there, vet was very knowledgeable about beardies.

  31. Those just showed up in my yard for the first time this year as well! Scared the crap out of me, the first one I saw was easily an inch long and very thick.

  32. Any update? My friend lives over there, I’ll ask him to keep an eye out

  33. Don’t worry guys, mom just went out for a pack out smokes. I’m sure she will come back home

  34. There is usually a different gas station a block away, I just go to whatever station that is

  35. Honestly, Fast food managers, big box store employees. Lot of places have taken to the $15hr starting rate. Don't over look places like walmart, home depot, lows, target, etc that historically have been minimum wage jobs. Lot of these places are having to pay more. Keep an eye out for signs. I'm in Ralston the McDonald's down the street is starting at 19/hr for managers. I was a fast food manager 7 years ago for $8.25hr

  36. FWIW, my brother was just offered a job at Lowes for I think $9.75 an hour. Not great by any means but I do want to note that he is 18 with very little work experience, and I would imagine they could be negotiated a couple of dollars above that? OP they could certainly still be an option if you’re looking for more than an entry level position, just thought I would share!

  37. I realize you may not have an answer to this question but maybe someone does if you don’t. I’m deathly terrified of rabies. I once didn’t sleep for nearly a week because I had found a mouse in my house and was convinced my entire family was going to get bit by a rabid mouse in our sleep and die a gruesome death. Not sure where I got this phobia from but I’m terrified of rabies.

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