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  1. "I'm just being a bigot by recycling low effort jokes enforcing xenophobic rethoric, no hard feelings"

  2. Mislim na Redditu si. Neznam kaj da ti kazem.

  3. She's either browsing Titanfolk, or making a PowerPoint presentation.

  4. At 12 yrs (1st year of high school) we also had 'verzorging' (translates to 'self-maintenance'?).

  5. Im shocked. (About the part that 12yrs is HS) Were you in 1st grade ES when you were 3?

  6. "Why the fuck do i need you" or "What the fuck will you do to me?"

  7. Avoid magic your first playthrough if you're looking for a challenge. Always stay below 50% equip capacity to avoid fatrolling. Don't consume boss souls; instead, use them to obtain weapons or spells from trainers.

  8. "Making the mother of all omelettes here Jack can't freat over every egg"

  9. It's more expensive via playstation store in my country.

  10. GoW is far more linear in its pathways and about 9000% more expository in storytelling. That being said, if you can found GoW satisfying, there are aspects of ER that you will also like. I’m a huge GoW fan, as well as Souls games. If you liked the difficulty of GoW, you’ll like the difficulty of ER.

  11. It seems as though a simple search should have brought up this:

  12. It's a mobile game, why do you even care so much? Go touch grass or something

  13. So you made him look like a disney princess?

  14. 3 things you can not get in NG+ (based on my exp and only unique items is mentioned)

  15. For armor of zeus, you need to defeat specific valkyries in ng+, you get two pieces from valkyries in poisonous mist world and magma challenge world, last is from valkyrie queen.

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