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  1. Not really. The double slit experiment is single particles shot thru the double slit. The whole idea is that they appear go thru both slits at the same time, which isn’t really that amazing if you just shoot a whole beam.

  2. I’ve always disliked Asian/manga/hentai/anime (whatever it’s called) animation/drawing style, so no.

  3. I think it's a pity you dismiss such a big media in general because you don't like the drawing style. There are many titles that are gems and you might be surprised if you give them a chance. With that said, I don't read a lot of manga or watch a lot of anime, but some of the ones I've consumed are among my favourite media.

  4. I’ve tried. I really have. Especially since Star Wars is using it sometimes. But idk what it is. I just don’t like that style.

  5. I’m no infantry combat tactics specialist, but advancing up a road in a single-file seems like something that amateurs would do.

  6. I mean, Russians always sucked at CSGO, so of course they suck in real life war

  7. To be fair CSGO isn't realistic from what I've seen on youtube (which is only SovietWomble videos so...)

  8. It’s a joke. Russians are notorious for being trash in CS and constant rage.

  9. It’s 50/50 for me. Padmé is my protector. Either he will kill her like in ROTS, or he will remember what love feels like and turn to the light side hopefully.

  10. Rumtid er ikke mål for tid. Rumtid er det 4-dimensionelle univers vi lever i. 3 dimensioner af rum og 1 dimension af tid.

  11. Nu skriver du " stoffer". Inkluderet det også cannabis I din verden?

  12. Tror det inkluderer alle stoffer, som der netop står. Tænk lige 3 sekunder inden du kommenterer.

  13. Who would recommend tobacco in this day and age? That's how addiction starts

  14. Who would recommend cannabis in this day and age? That’s how addiction starts.

  15. That's a poor comparison because it's not the same chemical dependency that develops, although I heard crack is pretty cool

  16. Cannabis can definitely be addictive. I know people who’s lives have been completely ruined bc of their cannabis habit. It might not be as likely as with nicotine or crack, but it’s still very much a risk.

  17. How is Biden to blame for inflation? I don’t get it. I also see stickers saying “Biden did this” on gas stations. Like, it’s literally the whole world that’s affected by this. And we still pay double what Americans pay for gas in Europe, but we aren’t complaining to Biden, but Putler.

  18. I love how some jobs require a doctors note to call in sick. Where I live, you don’t even need to show up to the doctor to get a note. You just call and request a note. They are literally useless and doesn’t prove anything, at least where I live.

  19. I want this instead of the Reva and Leia Show they recently released.

  20. Tvivler stærkt på vi løber tør i løbet af de næste 30år... Tvivler stærkt på jeg lever længere, så jeg er pænt ligeglad med fissile brændstoffer.

  21. Hvad med folk, der lever efter dig? De er ligegyldige?

  22. Det er godt nok en egoistisk tankegang. Men det har du jo også lov til at have.

  23. Looks more like heroin or fent than crack lol

  24. Was really expecting Leia’s theme or the force theme on Tatooine; doesn’t quite feel right without even hints of the classic motifs

  25. Probably. I just read it recently, ill try to find The source.

  26. Jeg synes I skal slappe af. Det er jo ikke farligt. Har I ikke også været unge en gang? /s

  27. I could never I use thc to keep my anxiety under check But good on you man.

  28. Same, just insomnia. If I don’t have anything to fall asleep on, I’ll stay awake for 5 days straight. It’s not fun. I feel like smoking weed is at least better than most sleep meds, but I wish I could take like 14 days break once in a while to reset tolerance, but I can’t if I’d like to function during the day.

  29. No. Nothing of what you’re talking about makes sense. There’s no evidence of a multiverse. If there were, it would be published in science papers all over the world and everyone would know.

  30. Actually, parallel realities are a fact in quantum physics. Depending on the interpretation, they are either “potential realities” like according to the standard Copenhagen interpretation or they branch out into many realities where everything that can happen exists aka the Many worlds interpretation.

  31. Almost correct, however these are theories with no evidence, not facts. It’s just that, mathematically, other universes should exist, according to MW. But MW is not the generally excepted interpretation. Many physicists don’t even bother with multiverse, because it’s highly unlikely it’s ever gonna amount to anything. We simply cannot observe something thats beyond where the light can reach us in our lifetime.

  32. Currently jobless, due to loosing my license for having smoked days before driving…

  33. Also, the silver leg also often reflected the golden colour from his body and also sand colour on Tatooine.

  34. Depends how you define strong. Stronger physically? No. His prosthetics provided him with great strength.

  35. I think you’re supposed to put a tire there instead of a cloth.

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