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  1. The power is very controllable until you get into the SRT trims. I would question what practice youd need

  2. using the black key turns srt into scat pack, which is very controllable?

  3. i voted bespoke landscapes as the word landscapes is less syllables compared to other choices and no space or slash

  4. Absolutely yes. Dropshipping will be the most profitable business model to run if you choose the right niche, implement a proper marketing strategy, and constantly improve your customer support.

  5. I feel that drop shipping died in the early 2000's. Some people still make it work, I see a lot of that, but it's usually with one-hit wonders that are only popular for a short period of time. And, if we have economic troubles, people are less likely to by crap they don't need, which is most of this stuff. Anything people really need is already well established in the retail pipelines.

  6. According to neuro marketing books I’ve read they say that when a big purchase is about emotion a round number like 1000 is good. But with all other type of services they say the end with a 7 or 9 applies. I always end with a 7 or 9 so I don’t have a lot of personal sales data on that one. But I trust the books I’ve read

  7. how about ending in 5, like 995 vs 1000? is a 5 better than a round numbere like 1000?

  8. For three months, we AB tested prices ending in 9s vs zeros for our 14 year old ecommerce site that generates 7 million in annual revenue. We suspected that people have become savvy enough to see through psychological pricing. Prices ending in zero wiped the floor with prices ending in 9. Before you make a big change like this to your site, I would AB test it. Just because it worked for me doesn't mean it would work for your website. The only way to know for sure is to test it.

  9. For some reason in my area Scat Pack trims are most often stolen Challengers according to data.

  10. My Brothers dealership had 6 stolen a few weeks ago. They took chargers and challengers. Color does not seem to matter

  11. I just picked up a Scat Pack Shaker 6sp and I toyed with the idea of a used Hellcat but I could not get the 10-15K of relentless burnouts from the previous owner out of my head.. A new Hellcat was not a good financial decision for me personally because of budget and the higher cost of insurance, gas, tires..

  12. Looks mostly or entirely these days.. Back in the old days some cars had hoods without hinges or safety latches and hood pins ( usually 4 of them) held the hood on.

  13. Hellcat. Hellcat all the way. The Hellcats actually come with a black key that restricts the horsepower down to around 500 (same range as a Scat), and a red key that lets you open it all the way up. So if you're worried about getting used to driving the higher hp car, you can always just drive it in the restricted mode until you're used to that, and then bump up to the full horsepower.

  14. The short answer is yes. The long answer is no... As long as you are not taking their customers directly or stealing any of their IP you are fine. When my father owned mechanic shops he always would tell me "Your best employee will be your biggest competitor". It happens all the time. Most business owners have worked their way up the ladder, then started their own company. Best of luck!

  15. so, if tesla created the cyberwhistle, and you have a whistle business, will it be conflict of interest, even though say you create luxury whistles, and tesla is generic whistle?

  16. so, even if she left the company 20 years ago and made an ip today, the company owns the ip?

  17. Service Providers. Make damn sure you understand the terms and conditions of every service provider you decide to engage. If products are your bag, make sure your margins are high. Double at least.

  18. The rate at which a product turns over, from the time of arrival at the warehouse, to the time it ships to the consumer. A lot of people try to sell on Amazon by ordering from Aliexpress and shipping to the Amazon warehouse. If a product sits at their warehouse longer than a month they bill you for storage. You want to focus only on products with a short shelf life, aka. short shelf cycle.

  19. Short version: Any bank can do it if they have seal/stamp

  20. The bank has that portion to fill out. You don't fill in the bank on the form.

  21. i mean, if on the treasurydirect application i put bank of america as my bank, but bank of america won't do the verification document, can i give that document to chase instead (with bank of america still listed on the original application)?

  22. Mod disappears, new mod comes in and rakes money in from this shithole of a sub. Very coincidental, huh?

  23. Welcome back and thanks for stepping in. We actually had a post earlier today how the automod posts on each post seem to really kill engagement. Seeing that you’re back and making the steps to improve this place is awesome, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say thanks for taking care of those ads for us💪🏻

  24. Yes. Took about 4-5 weeks from mailing in to hold removal.

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