1. You’re nothing. You’re a hot house flour, curdled cream. Collect cars, write a book, but the world, it’s not for you.

  2. Do you guys take quavo and takeoff seriously? Feel like migos were a joke but then somehow became highly respected

  3. Since when did people take them as a joke? Maybe people in their 50s who only listen to "real" hip hop. They've always been considered good for people my age.

  4. I remember snoop clowning their flow and their chain getting snatched idk thought they were like the “laffy taffy” level fluff rappers

  5. horrible take testing was a great album and grew on basically everyone and all of his others are some of the best of the past decade

  6. Feel like he hasn’t been relevant in years he’s just Rihanna’s husband now

  7. musically not rly relevant, but hes been doing his own shit with vlone and the court lol, remember that he just recently got out of jail for his assault charges

  8. Name a rapper who isn’t dealing with legal issues they still dropping hits. Can’t think of the last asap banger

  9. Lol I just looked into it..he was trolling bro 😂

  10. Almost like he is bipolar and says whatever shit will get him attention

  11. “Doing it for narcissistic attention”, that’s everybody

  12. “Fuck him. He made one good piece of tech” Logan proceeds to sell him his company. She’s a real puppet master..

  13. It girl of the 2000’s shame she couldn’t really act

  14. Kodak def has some wtf moments. Remember the whole episode of him groping his mum? He doesn’t have a firm grasp on reality and how he comes across. Still a 🐐 tho. Love his music

  15. I bet it will come out one day he’d tapped bhad Babie when she was like 16

  16. America atoning for slavery by partitioning subjects by race

  17. My point was John legend is the the distilled cringiest thing about the democratic party

  18. The Iceland travelogue is a Mount Rushmore podcast episode.

  19. Yeah I sent that to my friend who knows nothing about sports

  20. People spend too much time looking at was he DOESNT like but what he likes is eye poppingly bad

  21. Man this sub is way too earnest. Nice PR deflection campaign for DaBody

  22. Was just listening to the Carter 3 half his punchlines are completely garbage. He just sounds so comfortable but he’s saying nothing

  23. His death was suspicious from the very jump. On November 5, 2018, the Los Angeles County Coroner's office determined that Miller died from an accidental drug overdose due to a "mixed drug toxicity" of fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol. Three men were arrested in September 2019 during an investigation into Miller's death. Cameron James Pettit allegedly sold Miller counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl two days before his death, which were run to Pettit by Ryan Reavis and supplied by Stephen Walter. Miller had asked Pettit for Percocet, a prescribed painkiller containing oxycodone, in addition to cocaine and Xanax. Investigators believe Miller snorted the laced pills before his death.

  24. Figured after gatsby he was a star again getting north of 10mil

  25. Would have been nice to see who they casted as Vince’s dad and how they’d play it coming back asking for money

  26. Vince going for his future wife through video evidence that he’s a good guy from his ex flings.

  27. Yeah that was so forced. The one woman who rejects Vince so he marries her

  28. Basically every cameo proves that The Guys are leagues above regular people in terms of acting talent

  29. Horrible one of the worst examples of acting ever

  30. I don’t understand this though sway was saying do a little rinky dink rocawear style line and Kanye only became a billionaire because he got in bed with multi national brands like Adidas gap and balenciaga

  31. I met him during Jesus Is King era. My first thought was literally that he has asbergers. His eyes were rapid but could never make contact.

  32. Vince was never a character actor he just kinda was himself

  33. Like Drama said "An Agent by nature is a lying money hungry cock sucker. And Ari is the best in the breed".

  34. He always seemed like a clown to me a little too obsessed with 1 client

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