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  1. You were getting downvoted and then just yelled Ban Me! over and over when asked to stop. I'm assuming you were just looking for an excuse for the sympathy votes over here?

  2. I think you're misrepresenting what's going on here. You reached out to us with an idea that was not something we allow (mega post of hand selected games on sale). We offered a compromise, but I think you've taken it beyond that.

  3. I haven't taken anything beyond exactly what you said I could do. You tell me I can do something, I'm going to do it to the best of my ability. If what I'm doing is not helpful, I don't deserve to post.

  4. Did you do any solo play during your playthroughs? This has always looked kind of fun to me, but I would prefer to play on my own.

  5. Am I misremembering, or didn't they also update the game so you can actually completely turn off the AI squadmates if you want a true solo/lonewolf experience?

  6. I recommend buying Halo 2 and Halo 3 individually for a total of $10. I did so a few months ago and have zero regrets. Both the campaigns and multiplayer are both fun as they've always been.

  7. To be fair, Halo 2 Anniversary doesn't really count as a separate game. It looks nicer for sure, but doesn't affect anything else gameplay wise - no new mechanics, no new levels, etc. In fact, you can switch between original graphics and anniversary graphics on the fly ingame with a hotkey whenever you want (except in cutscenes), which just further proves that it's the exact same game with a new and very nice look.

  8. Played the demo for Cris Tales a while back and really liked it! I’m excited it’s finally coming out

  9. A lot of these games are not even on sale or are upcoming releases or are DLCs on sale so I thought I'd point out games actually on sale and what type of prices you're looking at.

  10. I honestly hated this game. The only puzzle that made me think was the very last one. Controlling the ball felt janky as hell (maybe they fixed that?), and it just felt like a grind with no real story or payoff. This was probably 5+ years ago so take it as you will.

  11. Goty is really surprising for me. Maybe I just played it too soon after portal 1/2 and the bar was high.

  12. My vote goes to SimplePlanes for $1.00. And I'm not even gonna go into detail on what the game is. Just going to mention a few things...

  13. I'll admit it looks kind of cool, but too bad no VR support like some of the other games in the bundle.

  14. A whopping $0.20 cheaper than during the Summer sale 🤑

  15. How much of the purchase price goes to the charity? 5%? 100%? 20%?


  17. Thanks for the post. Already have this free on IndieGala but it's nice to have it in two libraries.

  18. $6.99 for Max Payne 3? It was $5.99 during the recent sale...

  19. My apologies on the title, I meant to put FREE on GOG. This game just released to GOG today and originally released to the Nintendo Switch in late June of 2020.

  20. Why does GOG never show when games are free on the store front page?

  21. Symphonia is a beautiful 2D platformer with a tight and poetic gameplay. It released to GOG today for FREE and originally released to the Nintendo Switch back in late June of 2020.

  22. Amongst the sea of games listed in this thread, I HIGHLY recommend Robin Hood The Legend of Sherwood to virtually any fan of Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun, Partisans 1941 or the Desperados series of games. Even fans of Stronghold might like it.

  23. Click on what is ASF on the first comment, that is the main feature.

  24. I like stupid sim games that are mentally slightly stimulating while listening to tunes/etc. I was interested in Call of the Hunter but it's too expensive. Someone convince me not to buy this....

  25. Not cheap enough with all the DLCS. Im an achievement whore who likes a complete package. Trust me. I was very interested in Call of the Wild...

  26. I just found this game on the Microsoft store after having played it for many years on my old Android tablet back in 2013 or 2014.

  27. This is only showing as 53% off for me.. I wonder if I missed it..

  28. Sure it's an old strategy game, but it has 14 races (with unique units), a wide variety of units with per unit bonuses, 214 spells, unique summonable creatures, and permanent spell effects.

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