1. They can't force anyone to come in for questioning. If the police had probable cause for an arrest warrant, they could still exercise their rights and continue to remain silent. Even if there was probable cause for an arrest, it would have been pointless to detain them as an effort to get more info out of them. Until they had enough to proceed with charges that would actually hold, they simply were not getting detained.

  2. The FBI Agent, Ron Walker, thought Jonbenet was dead when he read the rn. He stayed at the police station, until the body was found, then he went to the Ramsey residence. I wish he had gone to the Ramsey residence that morning, with his suspicions the child was murdered, and questioned the parents in detail separately. He could have said, “hey I’m with the FBI, the experts on kidnapping, let me ask you a lot of detailed questions so we can find your daughter.” That would have locked the Ramseys into their story. Whose idea was it to call the police? Was Jonbenet awake when you got home from the Whites? Etc.

  3. You can not be forced to go into questioning …either they have an arrest warrant or PC to arrest or they don’t .

  4. Chris had a couple of experts in the field on his podcast who said it was deflation at his fantasy being shattered and his insecurity returning

  5. I believe John Andrew has said the book in the suitcase was Oh the Places You'll Go, which was (maybe still is) a popular graduation gift for everything from kindergarten to college, even retirement.

  6. They had to stage the crime scene to look like there was an intruder in the house, otherwise their goose would be cooked. How else could they make it look like someone was in their house? And the bottom line, it worked. Without the note the BPD could have got a conviction on one of the Ramseys.

  7. I would like to mention that Matthew Cogburn suggested the decoy use a cucumber, a carrot, or a squash as a dildo when they meet, in his chatlog

  8. Interesting that Beuf worked in the military industrial complex - like John- for many years before going to med school at age 40.

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