1. Wait till they learn how to delete and add it again

  2. Note: this no longer works for the 2.1.0 patch and is only compatible with version 2.0.0

  3. I'm kinda sad I missed this when Wave 1 launched. Definitely need an update for Wave 2.

  4. Yup yup. There's also a Twitter thread by a guy who upscaled the map and zoomed super close in on the locations, really cool stuff.

  5. donkey live span: 30 years (they gonna die next year)

  6. Since when is LNG transported in planes? Lol. Dude, stop believing everything you read on your family’s WhatsApp group, your Robina phuppo just forwards messages with fake news, stop believing everything she sends.

  7. I would've just gotten the speakers from Logitech's website, but they apparently removed them from the site some time ago. I wish I had money back then. T_T

  8. I hate when people show up on their bikes and their guns don't have silencers 😡😡😡

  9. Haha now that's a good one. 9/11 points

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