1. It's a good movie, but it definitely stole the Oscar for Best Picture from 3 Bilboards.

  2. It's more of a theory of mine, but Frasier wasn't meant to end up with a woman. He is definitely attracted to them, but I suspect he is a bi. He has more chemistry with men like Alistair or his station manager .

  3. Plot twist, someone from a distant Swedish land came and reclaimed the watch after he got home.

  4. If anyone is a fan of hers, check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. She goes nude

  5. I haven't watched the movie yet...Michelle Monaghan with the blonde hair!!? I definitely wanna watch it

  6. Absolutely love Barry Lyndon as well as all the rest of his films of course .

  7. Man fuck the calling the cops just give him a 2 piece meal and be done with it.

  8. The pumpkin carvers here? If the pumpkin carvers are here then just bring them in.

  9. I hear ya. I Was just curious. I love music from all era’s and Genre’s so I completely understand that one. Fast times was a great movie and can relate to a lot of those characters and situations too.

  10. Did seniors haze freshmen in your high school like in the movie ? In my high school, there was like an urban legend that freshman would get jumped on a certain Friday . "Freshman Friday," but it never really happened

  11. Yes, not nearly as bad as they showed in the movie or to the extreme, but it did happen. Not everyone got hazed but if they caught you at the right time you did get hazed and usually it was just doing some push ups or something. When I was a senior I didn’t do it to the freshman but there were probably some guys who still did.

  12. That's interesting 🤔 that part of the movie I related to the most. I remember feeling genuine anxiety. A whole bunch of seniors were going to beat me up . Also, Matthew M's character, I feel like we have all met a person like him growing up. Someone who's older hanging around high-schoolers to feel cool and act like a creep .

  13. I could see some dodgy Ref decisions making the race closer than it should be. But hey, COYG, let's do this thing

  14. He isn't there yet but could possibly surpass him . I'm a big fan of Hazard though he was literally a one man wrecking crew when Chelsea needed him most . I think Saka has more Football I.Q but Hazard has him beat on Dribbling ability.

  15. Jumping anyone is some bitch shit . Biggest clown is the guy admitting he's a fan .

  16. Godfather 2 , The Dark Knight , Spiderman 2, and Empire Strikes Back make it a top 5 contender imo

  17. To be entertained by 15 year old boys? Yes, on this Subreddit, it's against the law

  18. This might sound silly, but anyone noticed that this keeps happening more and more after the rise of Tik Tok ? I keep seeing people destroying property or breaking bottles in a liquor store randomly for no reason at all. Yeah, it is most likely a mental breakdown, but what is the cause of it ?

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