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  1. I am a bit overwhelmed by my work schedule

  2. He didn’t it’s past 12 shit would’ve updated

  3. Would you guys recommend getting this game? Is it in a decent state now and is the story good?

  4. A lot of redditors will give the story 9/10 merely because they're captivated by the romance aspect... I'd say it's a 6 or 7.

  5. Ok well for one you only have 30 hours on the game so you definitely have not captured the true essence of the game. I’m not sure what platform you played in but on PC I encountered maybe 6 or 7 bugs and a dozen graphical glitches in my 300+ hours of gameplay. And have you ever played a Bethesda game? Because we love to love Bethesda games but not a single one has come out as not a buggy mess.

  6. Top reply is a mid suggestion, and he only has 30 hours. Here’s my perspective after 300 hours. The game most definitely isn’t perfect. Yes there is bugs. Some things you wish were in the game may not be. However, this game will take you on a rollercoaster through the dystopian future we’re approaching every day. If you really pay attention to the story and play the side content this game is amazing. Highly recommend it. It will probably be on sale for the steam summer sale soon so definitely pick it up.

  7. Well it depends are we talking actual far right or what twitter calls “far right.”

  8. I’ve been told I’m a 8.5-9. That’s usually after getting ready for going out tho. Casually I’m prolly a solid 7 or 8.

  9. I guess he's just great at playing characters that people hate.

  10. R* is also grate at writing hatable characters.

  11. Wait what is it? I’ve beat the game no worries for spoilers

  12. Smoots are the superior form of measurement.

  13. Why not just change the scale of hexes?

  14. It would take a ton more resources to run the game I’d think. You can get mods that make absolutely huge maps that are like 20x the size of the biggest vanilla map, but they lag like hell and take forever to load.

  15. I don't watch it that much since i got a fwb and i have sex on a weekly basis,so porn just became boring.

  16. this might sound so dumb but how would you as a guy notice if a girl is showing interest, i’ve been told my actions don’t come across as i intend them to lmfao

  17. EYE. CONTACT. Not sure if this is just me but when a girl makes direct eye contact for a while it definitely shows interest.

  18. Nah that’s just straight up shitty. Like if some dude came up and started flirting with my gf I’d rlly hate that. Bad idea.

  19. Nope. Digital piracy is completely legal here. Not that the cops or ISPs give two shits.

  20. It is a barret. Those things fire bullets that turn you into paint.

  21. Big whoop! I’m spooning a barret 50 cal. I could kill a building

  22. At this point I think that she is just a plant by the democrats to make the republicans look stupid. Like come on no way someone as stupid as this made it past high school.

  23. There's not trusting the government, and there's believing Bill Gates is sterilising the whole planet via the vaccine.

  24. Nah he doesn’t use vaccines for that, he tracks you with the vaccines. Sterilization is from the peach tree dish burgers.

  25. It’s about time we have some women Darwin Award representation.

  26. Incorrect! The democrat one would have twice the amount of bombs

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