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  1. If I am guaranteed 10% then I am taking on as much leverage as I possibly can.

  2. I think he's saying Trudeau has to cum first because you just know one of those other signs says he wants to fuck Trudeau.

  3. It tried an overtake but didn't account for losing grip and didn't look like it tried to recover at all and it ended up tboning the car it was overtaking. If a human was behind the wheel it would've likely gone better.

  4. So, just so I'm clear, why shouldn't people be afraid of AI that will t bone a car when trying to overtake it?

  5. This is pretty funny but I'm going to offer an unsolicited suggestion to make it more "jokey."

  6. That makes the joke worse. It becomes unclear that you're referring to the wife being the origin of the EEEEEEEE sound.

  7. Try the green label it’s actually my favorite and much easier on the wallet

  8. Johnnie Blue is not the flex people think it is.

  9. My brother went to Mexico for 10 days and was robbed at gunpoint.

  10. Smells like someone wants me to buy more shares. At this price, it's a fuckin steal.

  11. Lol it was about to be wholesome with the rich ape helping poor ape but then bro was like "No, my kids need to suffer."

  12. I've been waiting for this sub-20 moment. Merry Xmas!

  13. I nearly had a stroke reading this article

  14. Reads like an AI trying its hand at correlation.

  15. A fat nurse in your delivery room has more gravitational pull on you than any celestial body.

  16. I think crimson retains the most red-ness without other color shades entering the mix.

  17. Fuck with rich people and there's hell to pay.

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