1. I want to mention wo near perfect movies with totally different approaches to openings, with some of my favorite openings in cinema.

  2. Surprised pulp fiction isn't on here

  3. Amanda Plummer makes everything better... Underrated actress IMO....

  4. Oh this is really interesting. I’m a huge Noe fan yet and I haven’t watched The Idol yet.

  5. It was Kanye West- I was mistaken about it being a lawsuit - Just a public shaming for ripping off his ideas:

  6. The style of someone’s execution and ideas, along with the ideas themselves, are not copyrightable, IPs are, which is why that lawsuit you’re mentioning will go nowhere. And The Weeknd has been tackling similar themes as Noé in a metaphysical sense for his entire music career.

  7. I was mistaken about it being a lawsuit - Looks like Noe just put Kanye West on blast publicly for ripping off his style in a punch of publications...

  8. Yeah Hong Kongers hate mainlanders, besides the different languages a lot of it is elitism. Mainlanders have different cultural rules, they are seen as rude, cutting in line, for example. Hong Kongers are VERY snobby. (yes i got family from HK). Don't ask them what they think about Vietnamese or Filipinos.

  9. What is so bizzare to me is just how open they are about it... It is like nothing I've ever seen before... I don't associate with white racists, at least none that are open, so imagine they keep it on the DL.... but I'm having lunch with these folks they are openly ranting about how much they hate the out groups... As a white person it's pretty jarring...

  10. So, you’re ok with racism and intolerance so long as it’s not White people doing it, yet you’re also flabbergasted that racism and intolerance exists in NYC. You can’t be serious. Like, prior to coming here, did you ever – I don’t know – interact with anybody outside your cultural/racial group?

  11. Where did I find say I was ok with it? Did you miss the line where I said I find it pretty jarring?

  12. When I was kid in Baltimore we had a local family owned video store my dad loved to patronize (he hated chain stores, esp. blockbuster).

  13. I would have gotten through a lot of the classics much quicker in High School if they had all been presented in 15 minute cliff note slide shows with Ludwig Van's soundtrack...

  14. What an amazing upgrade. I feel I have to share/do an appreciation post for the work PureDark did in fixing this game's dismal performance on PC.


  16. Ok installed this- do you knowere where I can view the output?

  17. Liu Cixin, and Ted Chiang are two that come to mind.

  18. I came here to recommend the Remembrance of Earth's Past/The Three Body Problem Trilogy. The ideas are so fresh and interesting. Really high concept stuff especially in the second two books.

  19. I really dont see anything remotly "high concept" about them. But they're pretty cool and creative.

  20. “The other two” on hbo max is hysterical. Not quite as sharp and cutting as veep but Molly Shannon has some of the funniest bits the last few years

  21. I'm in a similar boat. I have issues with Xbox Game Bar so I moved over to GeForce Experience game clips. And I binded Crtl-X for saving clips. It's fine but obviously I'd also prefer to use the actual game clip button on the controller instead of a keyboard shortcut. However, I don't think there's an easy way of doing this.

  22. This worked perfect. It took maybe five minutes from reading your comment until the solution I needed was in place. Thanks so very much.

  23. That's not the case. Pair it and enable playstation controller support in steam and it will see it as a dualsense and it works fine for every game I've tried.

  24. Adaptive triggers? In playing in Ea access… I can’t even get it to detect

  25. I can confirm it worked perfect Hardwired in my system - using an Origin copy of Jedi... Game Changer.

  26. Yes, I don't get feedback related to adaptive triggers, but not sure if it's implemented in this game. Vibration feedback is on point though.

  27. I feel like CK3 addressed this a lot, the UI is really modern and friendly.

  28. God I wish HOI4 had a CK3 sytle UI. HOI4 looks like it came out on the TRS80...

  29. I would say it takes a certain type of person who is willing to but in the time to learn games that have such in depth complex systems. You can just pick up any new FPS pretty instantly because you've played other FPS in the past and they are pretty much the same mechanically.

  30. I’m old enough to remember watching Oscar Levant on the Jack Paar Show, when I was a kid. He was alternately extremely witty and terribly sad. I vividly recall that he couldn’t open up his fresh pack of cigarettes, and Paar had to do it for him. I was fascinated. I knew he was part of a world out there that my parents didn’t want me to know existed. I’ll try to see this show next time I’m in New York, if the New York Times review hasn’t killed it by then.

  31. Thank you for adding the gift link and the clips of Levant on Parr. I didn't realize you could avoid the paywall that way.

  32. I hate Jesse Green. At least Ben Brantley seemed like he liked theater. Green doesn’t. It seems like he’s entered the Brantley burnout phase of reviewing. He doesn’t seem that culturally literate either. He doesn’t bring any fresh/outsider/insider perspective to his reviews.

  33. You put into words what I was feeling, and what inspired me to write my contra points into my little essay. I was trying to avoid ad hominem comments about Green, but I think you really got to the crux of the issue with your comment.

  34. My friend also won the lottery so was there with her. I had no idea it was opening night and was surprised to pass by Steven Spielberg, Victor Garber, Steve Martin, and Martin Sheen on my way in to get my ticket scanned! Apparently a bunch of other celebrities were there too - Jason Bateman (edit: mistakenly wrote Justin lol), Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, John Krasinski, Matt Damon, Matthew Rhys, Matthew Broderick, Michael Douglas, Cynthia Nixon, etc. Also I knew Sean Hayes played the piano but he really impressed me!

  35. I did a double take as I passed Spielberg coming around a hallway - then a triple take because he was flaked by Tony Kushner. I didn't see anyone else mention Will Arnette as he was there too.

  36. Thanks a lot man - Nice doing business with you.

  37. Sure! At work at the moment. Should be available to do the trade in ~3-4 hours

  38. Yep! AMD gives a Sega key after it's been hardware validated. You just need to make an account on the COH3 website, link your steam account, use the Sega key and the game will download

  39. Is this till for Sale?Do I need AMD HW to activate?

  40. Paradox is the only company where I have games that cost over $200.00... (I don't even want to know how much my copy of Stellaris cost on my steam account TBH)

  41. I think in Florida the cabbie is actually legally required to mow down the old pedestrian - It's somewhere in the Stand Your Ground Statue. If doesn't at least attempted vehicular homicide he's looking a pretty contempt charge...

  42. No, it’s like denying Joseph Mengele’s “science” because he was always a complete fraud. An eternally wrong piece of shit is an eternally wrong piece of shit.

  43. I think he’s talking about the genetic fallacy. We are supposed to asses every claim on its own merit, as a trusted source could be wrong or an untrusted source correct.

  44. My pushback is we should be focused on creating equal opportunities, rather than attempting to force equal outcomes. It appears to me that a lot of DEI is configured to create equal outcomes, not equal opportunities.

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