1. Why does Tiger keep walking off after his drive when Kisner has yet to tee off? Looks like he then walks back and had to wait. Is it just habit or being too zoned in?

  2. Are they showing Tiger on features groups?

  3. I am thinking about upgrading my GPU. I don’t know if I should get a 5700xt or a 2070s.

  4. Try underclocking your GPU a little bit. That seemed to help me.

  5. I run CodMW on rtx 2070S + r5 3600. Some times I can start playing one match and then half way through textures start flickering and not loading properly. Not just on Warzone but in multiplayer (ground war) too. Then I get a weird lagging. Like a small jitter every 3-6 seconds. I've no idea how to fix it.

  6. I have the same problem. Really hoping for a fix soon.

  7. In the same boat as you. Was so hyped for the new season. Got screwed real bad.

  8. Is your ssd nearly full?. My friend had the same issue when his SSD only had 2gb free

  9. No, there is still 200GB left on the drive.

  10. Is this only for warzone? or is all of call of duty like this?

  11. I dont own the base game. So I cant answer that.

  12. I have the exact same problem with my textures. I have tried everything: Reinstalling game, reinstalling Windows, tweaking with graphic options. I cannot figure out what is corsing causing the problem.

  13. Definitely at the max possible. Still such a beautiful game!

  14. Anyone got a link for a free Golf Channel stream? Cant follow the tournament on

  15. Himmerland Golf is a nice course, not to far away from Hirtshals. They play European Tour tournament Made In Denmark at the course. You should check it out.

  16. You have a very good looking swing. Look into some YouTube videos about staying centered over the ball, you really slide past the ball on the down swing. Do you occasionally shank the ball?

  17. I do, rarely, but yes. But your point about my sliding is a good one. I will look into it! Cheers

  18. Your hands and arms are separated in the takeaway. Look up a connected takeaway where you focus on keeping the clubface more square. Your hands and arms separate pretty quickly as you hinge up to the top.

  19. Thanks alot for the feedback! I very much agree on your two points, and I will be focusing on those two going forward.

  20. Will he be in a featured group?

  21. Why is my League pass away feed not with Fred and Austin?

  22. Will leaderboards be seperated between first and third person servers?

  23. IIRC they didnt follow the manual and when they applied power the brakes automatically released.

  24. This happened a month or so back, when a SAS CRJ-900 jumped out of its chocks and drove straight into a vehicle where the "man on ground" was observing the engine test.

  25. Yes, ugly indeed. The man who was in the ground vehicle, had a serious head and shoulder injury. He was in coma for 6-7 days.

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