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  1. Ummm I played a lot of THPS on the N64 and that’s def Bob Burnquist

  2. Same here. I couldn’t handle being called a cheese breather. Knocked some sense into me

  3. Both. In fact they played a show together in my town.

  4. I was gonna say, everyone I know liked them both equally. They went hand in hand.

  5. I saw a post pointing out how many new subscribers have joined that sub so that’s probably why. Take that info how you will

  6. Same here! I wear jeans year round, but I force myself into short sleeves in the summer. I'm happiest in the fall and winter when I can wear hoodies, sweaters, and cardigans.

  7. I didn’t wear shorts from the age of 17 to 26 I’m pretty sure. Long pants all day every day

  8. Because Americans seem to define a "burger" by the filling, which is a patty formed of ground meat. Australians on the other hand, define a burger by it being a cooked element served between two halves of a bun. So we have a bit of a variety between steak burgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers (a vegetable/chickpea mix formed into a patty), bacon burgers and so on.

  9. Yea it's just gonna be settled outta court

  10. Also not actually his fault? Its a security and event planning issue as far as it seems to me.

  11. He helped plan it. It's also just smarter to settle

  12. You know the main artist has almost literally zero participation in actually planning the event right? There's no chance he was involved in any event planning. He put his name on it, which is biting him in the ass but that guy was not attending safety meetings

  13. Yea and those arguments never end. In a capitalist society you vote with your money so it doesn't matter if the animal is dead. If your money contributes to the demand then another one will die. Just stick to your guns and talk about how you prefer not to eat flesh. It's pretty straight forward. My palate doesn't agree with consuming bodies.

  14. They claim anarchy means "no hierarchies" even though they can never explain how they would determine what goods get produced and how they get distributed without any hierarchies.

  15. Just curious, but do you actually believe humans couldn't figure out how to distribute goods without having a designated leader that benefits more than the rest?

  16. Glad I’m not the only one getting these vibes. It’s all too perfect honestly

  17. Yeah definitely dim the lights. And the top light got cut off a bit. Maybe bring it back.

  18. New to black and white. Wondering what you would change. Dim the light a bit? Cropping? It's cropped significantly from what it was. I wanted to keep the dumpster in as a second addition to the wall.

  19. It looks like you'll want to up the DPI next time you export but it looks good!

  20. Hell yea I had scroll forever just to see someone point this out. I knew someone would remember this clip

  21. That's funny. I do this by accident all the time. (And I infuriate myself.)

  22. That was my first thought. I'll do this this twenty times an hour and I hate it lol

  23. A g-ride is a popular car used as a status symbol by people that flaunt their money

  24. When you say "connect each of the four corners" how are you doing this ?

  25. Marxist-Leninists, or people who defend the Soviet Union as a good example of socialism

  26. Thank you! Oddly enough I ran into this like 3 times today and it was killing me

  27. Oddly enough I'm not I just don't know how I haven't run into it

  28. Unless this is somehow a crazy vector image I’m pretty sure this doesn’t fit the subreddit

  29. When it's anyone else but Gunner returning punts it's fair catch after fair catch. Last 2 seasons if he's injured the punt return game is real sad.

  30. It's funny seeing this thread because I've been saying this every game this season and I remember this last season too. The dude will catch any ball and fight for yards.

  31. It's a Subaru thing. An unwritten rule.

  32. If I'm rolling through a parking lot I'll park right away if there's an empty spot next to a subaru. Doesn't matter how far I walk. I don't even know why

  33. The scene in the beginning of fight club where the narrator is talking to the doctor and Tyler blips in.

  34. the only thing ur right about is seaworld. that place is overpriced

  35. Because there aren't many posts here I've been following you subconsciously and I have to say this is my favorite so far. Really well done. You nailed the simple lines

  36. I am also a beginner but I always saw people talking about taking pictures in RAW and took a while to figure out that it's a setting you change in the camera and it decides how your pictures save. Raw gives you more play while editing. My advice would be to set it to save the RAW and Jpeg and work on editing both yo learn the differences. Just something I wish I had known a few months ago.

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