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  1. Not me, but just talked to a nurse that said he regularly did it for extra money during nursing school.

  2. In the movie he changes his way of thinking

  3. Stopped judging people by the color of their skin and started judging them by the content of their character. He still thinks those guys are spooks.

  4. I checked his page thinking this would be fake loool

  5. You're missing the larger point, it's not about dead children in Texas or St. floyd, it's about, "Look at me! Look how much I care."

  6. I actually want an answer. Not like these are cheap either.

  7. 3 and 1/2 mins till park security got there Jeez. I'd like to suggest a few green plastic army men, kings guards from Frozen, Agrabah guards from Aladin, royal guards from tangled, and maybe some 'fat cop' eating donuts mustached as a costume. They could 'patrol' asking if patrons have seen 'this man' *holds up poster of Flynn or Aladin or whoever*. sprinkle around during the busiest times to handle situations like these.

  8. When they said new normal I thought they was talking about covid lmao didn't see this coming.

  9. I've lost count of how many subs, that I browse only, I've been banned from in the last year for voicing wrong think in completely unrelated subs.

  10. To be fair the heart attack from butter could be financially crippling for some.

  11. Why did you give this person ideas? The motivation behind this post is quite clear.

  12. Not necessarily. As was the case for my fictional doppelganger, I couldn't make weight without a pocket full of dimes. 22ish, 34" inseam, no waist, 120#s dripping wet.

  13. When I was a bucket shop broker for a short term in the early '90s. Met a guy on a conference call, who had been "banned for life from the securities industry." Amazingly, this guy was leading the due diligence meeting for our next great idea. So color me just a tiny bit skeptical until I see, in the immortal words of Billy Valentine, "You know, it occurs to me that the best way to hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people." and putting them in prison.

  14. Seeing her wasted and pooped on the floor is an image that won't be erased of my mind any time soon and it's a turn off for me.

  15. Also people have different definitions of what a high libido is

  16. To the LL, the HL seems HL, because "they want it all the time". But when you step back and analyze it a little, they seem to want it all the time because they can't remember the last time they got it. and when the LL does acquiesce, you eat like it's your last meal, because you don't know when or if you'll get it again. If the LL was agreeable, and things started happening with a certain amount of regularity, the HL might stop asking every time you stoop over, because he/she is sated and knows there will be more coming in a day or two.

  17. I don’t know. My partner makes me feel like I’m LL because I get burnt out sometimes. I would be happy with 3-5 times a week but if I’m not into it every time he wants it (once or more a day) then I’m made to feel like I’m LL.

  18. The G26 is my Eleanor. Every time I've gone to buy it I get a different Glock. My biggest gripe is once you add a place for your pinky to rest you're dangerously close to a 19. I also think the 43 or 43x has replaced the 26 for CC. Only downside is you can't use double stack magazines but like I said if you're carrying over 10 in your 26 you might as well carry the 19.

  19. Unless you carry the included magazine locked, and the 30 round magazine for a spare.

  20. It's gang related, how will increasing penalties or red tape affect people who are already breaking the law?

  21. Achieved a low score of 26 after years of hovering around 59-60. Found out my bladder was holding on to several hundred ml and essentially drowning my kidneys. Once this was alleviated, GFR shot back up to 55, and has been bouncing around mid 40s to 50s since. Creatinine remains high. Nephrologist never once mentioned diet or lifestyle change or getting with a renal dietician. As youtuber and ckd chronicler, Dadvice remarked, "It's almost like they're just waiting for you to need dialysis, because that's when they start to make the most money off of you."

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