I noticed Max says “of course” a lot. 220 times this season already…

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Daily General Discussion - February 1, 2022

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  1. Did you just do all this manually?!

  2. Tim had double hand surgery. I don't care how minor, that is going to affect you going forward. He should've given himself time after the surgery to get back to full fitness.

  3. Very minor, just a 'clean out' he said. I've had something similar to my knee because of a painful bone fragment. I had far less pain after about 2 months of healing - bone fragments are painful and he would have felt them in the Gausha fight. So I'd expect his hands are now feeling better than before the surgery and will only improve.

  4. To live in a tax haven you need to have a citizenship that doesn't tax worldwide income. This doesn't work for most of us. So you'd have to give up that citizenship. To give up your US citizenship you need to pay all the taxes you owe. Have $15M with $8M in unrealized gains? That's a lot of taxes.

  5. Hmm I see. No way of getting around it eh!

  6. If you are a US citizen the IRS will take their cut regardless of where you reside. You’d have to renounce your citizenship to remove the tax obligation. And that usually isn’t worth it.

  7. I didn't know this, thank you

  8. I visited the Lamborghini factory and saw they had a carbon fibre looking suitcase on sale for $20,000 euros.

  9. PJ83 says:

    That's gotta be the beautiful voice of Sam Harris. Poor bloke probably just wanted to stop his car fast to jump in with you and listen

  10. PJ83 says:

    I'd speak to allnodes support for the best advice. Check out their discord, they are really good

  11. Hey guys Crypto noob here.. I see lots of you talking about staking your eth and what not.I have no clue what that means could someone please explain to me? My plan was just to hodl my eth for a long term investment but is that a dumb way to go about it?

  12. PJ83 says:

    Staking your ETH just means locking it up and getting a reward. Currently it's around 5% but after June(ish) it will be around 15-20%. This will slowly go down over time.

  13. PJ83 says:

    I think we may all be pleasantly surprised. There will also be extra APR from MEV too. We will see, it'll be very interesting :-)

  14. PJ83 says:

    Yeah so, pretty much every way to stake now (for people with less than 32 ETH) involves swapping your ETH for some form of ETH that represents your staked amount. Each of these would be a taxable event.

  15. PJ83 says:

    I have given this a bit of thought too. I don't think it'll be too much of an issue, I can't see there being too many people that will want to withdraw all their staked ETH.

  16. Bought some coin on Looprings wallet. That’s how I found out about this project. After doing some research I have started to really like the project. Is there another subreddit or other avenues where the community can discuss the project and get some more frequent updates? I can’t even post here 😁

  17. PJ83 says:

    Sure, Join us on Discord to discuss all things RedFox Labs!

  18. Excited for rfox! Can you tell me what's the best way to buy rfox currently to avoid high gas fees? The fees on uniswap are $100-$200 right now, which is not feasible. Thanks.

  19. PJ83 says:

    Mate try Kucoin :-)

  20. PJ83 says:

    I can't answer the technical part of your question, but from what I understand, you will always be able to generate your withdrawal keys using the seed phrase of the address used to deposit - we just have to wait until after the merge and see how to do it.

  21. PJ83 says:

    Am I missing something? What is there to talk about

  22. PJ83 says:

    Really good There was a large pea sized bit of loose bone that had been causing all the aggravation.

  23. This makes me more optimistic about it, thanks! I'm going to see a doc about mine and see what they say.

  24. PJ83 says:

    Good stuff It'll vary from person to person. I think mine was definitely on the less complex side. I've see examples where they've had to remove the tendon, cut back the bone then screw it back on. I would not have been keen for that at all, would have been a far worse recovery.

  25. Good luck selling. Literally just tried to sell on CoinSpot and can only sell $500 at a time. Shittiest of shit coins.

  26. PJ83 says:

    Yeah that's coinspot for you Plenty of liquidity on Kucoin, try there :-)

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