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  1. Honestly better than the actual cinematic at least this one made me laugh

  2. Wow this was such a brave opinion of you, Ive never seen this one before!

  3. I dont play pyke much but from ive seen that champ is so hard to play out of lane, one misposition and u get instantly blown up tbh.

  4. While I don't think it's necessarily Cho'gath that's the problem, this Udyr build is fucking stupid. Now even 5k HP 500 armor tanks can feel what it's like to be an ADC!

  5. Adding on to this, I dont think zed has any unwinnable matchups, esp cuz its midlane and very forgiving, only one id say is very hard is irelia and if u play it safe she shouldnt be able to ever kill u and u can safely farm with q and look for roams

  6. I think theres like a single dogit list of ppl whove ever made it to hard pity so i doubt it

  7. Tbh his whole jn team shouldnt be in the masters 8 thats the issue to me

  8. I'd say Xiao still takes the win. Xiao has a small building level 4D feat while insanely weakened. Traveller is getting low-diffed by ei until Miko works her magic.

  9. Choice Band is superior to Garchompite in every scenario

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