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  1. I'm most curious about whether it will include information about the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Ages

  2. If you can afford it, take David Baldacci's Masterclass on writing. He talks about this subject a great deal.

  3. I think both sides are stupid, we need to find a middle ground they go to extremes and get us fight over the little differences when their goal is the same. separate us from our money keep us poor and dependent on them so they can better control us

  4. A $35 cap on a product that costs a buck to produce is hardly extreme.

  5. One thing that has always made me wonder is what happens if two portals are opened at different elevations. Shouldn't there be a prevailing wind from one tk the other because of the different air pressures?

  6. If your moral compass is so fucked that you need a god to keep you from doing shitty things like fucking kids, then who is the real problem here?

  7. I do wonder how much of this is just projection of the shit they want to do, but are worried about an eternity in a fiery penalty box.

  8. Exactly. How moral are they, really, if the only reason they do good is because they believe there is something in it for them?

  9. I always respond to that one with "who changed the definition of vaccines? Was it Mariam Webster?".

  10. I already had someone in this very Reddit thread try to use a Webster entry to tell me that they aren't vaccines. You can tell someone is clueless about science when they use a lay dictionary to define science terminogy.

  11. Literally the definition of vaccine, verbatim from Webster's:

  12. If you are trying to use Webster's to define medical terms, you are definitely

  13. So both "color" and "colour" are right? Good to know, I'm Austrian and have been confused over thst for ever lul

  14. Americans think its ok to say “on accident” No one needs to be taking their opinion seriously.

  15. We do, however, know how to conjugate the verb "think."

  16. The far side is colloquially known as the “dark side of the moon”.

  17. What's the difference between that and being a welfare slave?

  18. Go stand in the corner and think about what you just said

  19. Ah yes. The once great ruler who was turned into a Bugs Bunny synonym for idiot.

  20. Fun fact: Bugs Bunny never said "Nimrod." It was Daffy Duck.

  21. I was a huge fan of The Cosby Show and listened to Bill Cosby, Himself and Why Is There Air on a loop. Now I can't stand to think about him.

  22. Advice: Don't use that boost.

  23. David Baldacci is a cousin of mine, and he told my parents about one time when he was on a train (he hates flying) and called a forensic scientist friend and had a long conversation about a murder scene he was writing.

  24. Summers off is really the only perk left, but it is used to recover from the parents and bullshit from the government.

  25. I taught for four years and never got a Summer off because I had to teach Summer school just to make ends meet.

  26. The whole post sounded like what would come out if you pulled the string on a Jordan Peterson See n Say

  27. It's cute when they think using big words makes them smart.

  28. This may come as a shock to you, but there are more than two economic models.

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