Oil supply is tightest, US strategic reserves at 38 years low

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  1. Your trade would get squared off acc to the price set by exchange, wait for eod report from broker

  2. We need a full sub for just amrish puri ke lafde

  3. PC supposedly unfollowed bc he cracked a joke saying her marriage is fake. But Malala and Hassan coming across so childish. Putting a poll asking her followers whether to unfollow Hassan is dumb.

  4. Idiotic people winning Nobel and then shitting on the reason they won the said prize

  5. Did you also get your bachelors degree from Oxford or are you just a random hater who likes to call others idiotic?

  6. Ms Oxford degree won the Nobel and is now busy giving speeches and Insta post and has forgotten about the girl education issue she got ahead for in life, and hasn't said anything about Pakistan and it's regime and fundamentalism after that

  7. But this is not a new info. The fact that Amitabh was not the first choice for the role is well known. As amazing as Amitabh was in the was pran that was the people's fav and took max credit for the movie. One of amitabh'a earliest movies.

  8. Amitabh got this part because he took a letter from Indira Gandhi's office to the director

  9. Is this related to the conspiracy about Nehru and you know his mom?

  10. No, Amitabh was very good friends with Rajeev Gandhi, they studied at the Doon school and very close

  11. Idiotic person,anyone can be nominated by sending a letter to the committee,including Putin, Trump, even Rahul Gandhi,Nobel committee never discloses whether they are considering those people

  12. how frequently they send discount copouns to you?

  13. You get it via email registered with broker (like zerodha)?

  14. Email registered with the DP, which is usually thr broker only

  15. Honestly love the moves we are getting. Take profit in trading and invest the same at lower levels. Let them bring the market down. Play the institutions game. Its a win win situation.

  16. True, if someone can handle the volatility, then they will make it big

  17. Wasn’t the strategic reserve for ww3? Tf they using it on gas prices for everyday consumers for

  18. They're exporting most of it, search and you'll see the data, most of it is going to Europe and China

  19. Republicans, at least they respect law of private property

  20. None at all, she was a legend at her peak but time and and tide wait for none

  21. Hot chocolate is a good pain relievers for me also when I am down

  22. Yeah 16800-17200 seem a good base, fundamentally and liquidity wise India is much better placed than other EMs and even developed countries of europe to either the storm and move up

  23. honestly most people shouldn't spend much time on investments. SIP into index funds and chill. focus on health, skills, happiness.

  24. It's the holding company and many of Adani's unlisted businesses are housed there like Arirport, Metals, Data Centre etc. It still has room to grow in the future.

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