1. Of course I liked the newer ones but the 90's version was a new design at the time and sleek as all get out

  2. How about some real fun, how old is it and how long was it down there before you discovered it ?

  3. Are we talking a full lightbar on the top or what?

  4. Ffs thank you! The reality is a 'kill kit' to Chris Hansen is whatever he thinks he can sell. Did Buchanan make it easy? Yes.

  5. reminds me of on youtube theres a guy got arrested for police impersonation, he had blue lights claimed he worked for the national weather service, the guy with the pushbar installed of a fuckin jetta

  6. omfg im dyin over here listening to him explain the taste!!! its got a little tang to it like the drink tang, not quite like orange !!!

  7. Didn’t he also imply she couldn’t leave the house cause she was wet and everyone would know? Like damn lorne do you think this for real?

  8. yea cause women "leak" when they're around lorne. looks like piss but its nawtt, it came from the gspot to the left of the clit

  9. honestly, brittany was the 2nd decoy he was chatting with

  10. Dude went after the decoy as soon as he walked in, really unsettling

  11. he was determined to gain employment. I respect that in a man who'd be persistent enough to show up at 11pm

  12. I'm Chris Hansen and this is my predator shop

  13. Michael Lubrano said he would probably want to be peed on. He wouldn't want to pee on her because he wouldn't want to kiss a girl he peed on

  14. Why would you wanna know if shes wet? whats that supposed to mean?

  15. special uncut version of tcap....real special stuff chris hansen wouldn't release

  16. Apparently back in the day california there was this 3 strike rule. Its interesting to think todays liberal california had something like this

  17. don't you love that part when he shakes his head and gets up. dude had so many things running thru his mind at that moment

  18. He literally said before chris popped out, vinny told the decoy he wanted to move to Texas

  19. "Chris is actually a good friend of mine. I scratched my cornea. School is in session"

  20. I liked how he said chris was a good friend but the dude was pretty much knew him by occasionally sat near each other on a train car into NY

  21. cleanest best pleasure was watching this creep freakout at chris reading off his chat plus telling him what school he worked at solidified in that moment he was FUCKED

  22. I lost count of the times he said “I don’t know why.” And at one point when he’s trying to stop Chris from reading back the chatlog he says, “Everybody knows why I’m here.”

  23. come on now, he was getting a divorce wasn't he? of course the next logical step would be a rebound creeping on a 13 yr old

  24. Wasn't he thee teacher who said he jerked off thinking about his students?

  25. the funniest part is all these years if you listen before this, he was telling chris he didn't bring condoms, and that his car is outside he can prove it. But chris cut him off and then he said this after the other statement lol

  26. pretty sure this is the guy who sent her a video of him pissing into a bucket

  27. Horseshit. Everyone on TCAP went to jail for a hypothetical intention to rape a child that didn't actually exist. She actually raped a child, and apparently gave him drugs, and she gets to plea her way out? The mother of the kid is right, if the genders were reversed there would have been jail time.

  28. The news story says the predator was a "mother figure" to the victim and called her mom....,Can you imagine if the predator was a male and he was a "father figure" and called "daddy" to the raped 13 yr old girl? Yea, he'd be hung

  29. another giveaway is the chrome bumper trim and you can almost feel that the springs look lower and it doesn't have that extra inch the CVPIs have

  30. I have feeling its gonna show up in the middle east flying down a saudi highway while drifting

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