1. An error happened in a program you are running. This is just a message to tell the developer what the error was. If this program is still being maintained, report the bug.

  2. Ah okay, that’s the first time I’ve seen it and I was playing the sims 4 so yeah that makes sense

  3. I know "breakpoint" sounds scary, but if you look at the title bar, it's from edgewebview.

  4. Dream girl lashes V5 - skin details version, they use a bracelet slot so if you want your sims to have lashes you can’t have bracelets

  5. Regular dick is good because it looks realistic (proportionally) for some reason the over exaggerated dicks don’t work for me

  6. Many people who use the trap bobber don't really understand how it works, and get frustrated when using it.

  7. I was able to catch it turns out it was a crimson fish, luckily I knew how the trap worked because it literally says how it works (makes the fish escape slower) but it took me so long to get to the point where I was able to catch it

  8. This is amazingly detailed it’s so amazing, also what does Quill identify as? (Male, female, NB, other?)

  9. I’ve been told that if you look over the top of it with your eyes (camera is fine), then you just reabsorbed what was in that. I’d redo it and make sure not to look over the top.

  10. Take them out, my lord that’s a bad infection and if it spreads you could lose your eye! That piercing placement is also horrible and is not in the correct spot

  11. One of my plays is like a Jerry Springer episode. He has 3 baby momma's one is his step sister. He likes to sleep with his mother inlaw/mom ( he was adopted and his adoptive mom is now married to his wife's mom.) He has knocked up the maid and nanny as well.

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