1. It's a disgrace. I don't think people realize the range in education of nurses from excellent to "stripmall trade school". Hospitals should fire these people. We'd all be better off in the long run.

  2. My step cousin went to the same college I did (BSN program at a state school). She got her NP through the school as well and got a religious exemption 🙄(we are the same religion).

  3. There’s a lot of homeschooling in this subculture and not hard to imagine the overall level of education especially in science is poor.

  4. I don't know, the part of my family that is anti-vax are all college educated. My personal opinion is it has more to do with political affiliation and who they choose to listen to.

  5. Oh yay, he will start yelling and screaming about how people like me are sinners and we should die. Seriously, why do we give him a pass? He is still in a cult and still will believe horrible things.

  6. And any hope that Nurie was going to "escape" is gone. Just because she is good looking and her husband is decent looking, people want to give them a pass.

  7. I would explain it's a pretend character some families do in their holiday celebrations. We've never done Santa (or the elf) in order to try to center in more on the religious aspect of Christmas and this is how we explained Santa to our kids.

  8. I appreciate the advice, I actually did do pediatric intensive care home health though for a year for a kiddo with a vent trach and j tube and one with seizures and a tube. I considered that beside cuz the amount of care for the first patient was a lot I basically did all the nursing care changing briefs turning, morning care and after being in the hospital I learned I was basically moonlighting as an RT, I did her cough machine treatments and suctioning set up albuterol nebs. It was a lot of care even though it was jus one patient so I consider that bedside. Also the parents were annoying so if anything that’s the most intensive care part of the whole job haha.

  9. Visiting nurse home health. Much different. Although I wouldn't suggest it if you hate driving and/or paperwork.

  10. Ok but like. How many of your visits belong on either hoarders or my 600lb life?

  11. Thanks for combining my love of LM Montgomery and horror books. Never heard of that one, but I just ordered it!

  12. Tbf I actually didn’t realize that. I always thought it was a memoir, but you’re right, it is classified as fiction per its wiki page

  13. Even reading it to my kids as an adult it sounded awful. But if you read Prairie Fires, the non fiction book about her life, I can't imagine anyone wanting to live back then.

  14. I live in LA County but I just visited my folks back home in the Central Valley. The majority of folks there don’t wear their mask and a large number of people have refused the vaccine. Also, I have some “old friends” who are RNs & law enforcement there who always post anti-mask/anti-vaccine bullshit online. My immediate family adheres to all health guidelines but it’s quite shocking to see the level of stupidity there despite all their Covid cases…

  15. I grew up there and yep. My step cousin is an NP in the valley and my grandpa (who thankfully is vaccinated X3) was telling me how she got a religious exemption (which is strange to me because we're the same religion....).

  16. Plenty of states still have mask mandates for public spaces. I know we do in Washington.

  17. It seems that it varies from place to place. My county (CA) has a mask mandate and though it seem everyone is generally wearing masks. Went out of town this last week to another county with a mandate and maybe 50% of people in places were wearing them.

  18. Can someone kindly point me in the direction of the nurses getting "paid pretty well for what you do", as I have not met any so far.

  19. Yeah because my 89 year old grandpa (thankfully vaccinated) getting exposed to Covid by his stupid kids who won't get vaccinated is so Christ like.

  20. I can only give the perspective of my husband who is Japanese, but he said that many people thought Americans were a lot smarter. Given all of the antivax anti mask movements, he just doesn’t understand why Americans are so against science.

  21. Poor Snuggles! She even baby talks the dog! I know people do that, I have conversations with my pupper all the time since we stay at home alone all day. But I talk normally to him.

  22. I absolutely talk baby talk to my dog, he gets different nicknames all the time. But I never really did with my kids, unless it's now when I'm being silly/sarcastic.

  23. Jill probably can’t afford to provide that much food for her family. As fun as it is to snark on the Rodrigues family, we need to remember that they are poor and don’t have the means to defend themselves like the Bates and Duggars do.

  24. With the child tax credit they are easily getting a couple extra thousand a month right now.

  25. New grad nurses in the Ca (SF Bay Area ) make $65/hr at our hospital

  26. Hi there! Right hemi here and I understand because that was the sentiment I was raised with. Caused me not to make any other disabled friends for a long time and generally avoid talking about it. Working on deconstructing this attitude while accepting my privilege as less disabled person (for now, I know old age is coming for me faster because of my CP).

  27. Not to mention,dialysis is for kidney failure, not the liver, so she doesn't even know what she's talking about.

  28. Maybe she's looking into getting a real job (or more likely wanting to shame her followers for working...)

  29. It demeans our whole profession when nurses say things like this. If your work culture is bad, actively work to change it or find a better work environment.

  30. According to her “research”, masks are ineffective and are child abuse. She even got on the local news for fighting her county’s school mask mandates, despite the fact that her kids are in private school…

  31. If you can visit at some point, do so, and be understanding of the restrictions they'll have. And if you can chip in financially, even if just a couple bucks, that helps a lot - meal cards and such are also great.

  32. We don't know the level of CP, so I wouldn't assume there are "restrictions." Not all of us are limited, we just adapt. :)

  33. What is she bitching about? Shrek is willfully unemployed, she's a stay-at-RV mom (in theory, since we know she uses sister-moms), and her kids don't go to public school. They're in no danger of having to follow the vaxx mandate.

  34. I've had my Covid shots since January (booster in September). My teenager is vaccinated and my younger kids have had their first shots. These vaccines are an actual miracle and people against them seriously baffle me. What do they think is going to happen?

  35. Cool, no one in the government has mandated that jill or her slothful husband should get the shot. Because they don't have jobs.

  36. Waaa....Matt Smith had me at Fish Fingers and Custard. Still sad he left. I really wanted to like Jodie Whitaker, but dang her doctor has been boring. David Tennant is right after Matt Smith though.

  37. I have no family here and have had poor luck relying on babysitters. Plus nurses here don’t get paid great… about $25/hour. Then I’d have to turn around and pay a nanny $15-20/hour for all three kids, for morning and evening while I’m working.

  38. Home health is usually 8-5... and even that isn't all out in the field. I can pretty reliably take my kids to school and then head off to see my first patient. Afternoon is a little tougher, but if you have after school care you could definitely be able to pick them up on time. Might need a babysitter for weekends, but usually not as many weekends as the hospital.

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