Asmongold after stream

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  1. petition to rename Akh Morn to Baha Blast

  2. Yo thats how you get sent to the Gm shadow realm jail

  3. its the one when you know about it youre gonna have FBI knocking on your door asap

  4. i think the fastest way he can reach an ultimate is reaching Stormblood finishing that MSQ and clearing O4S and doing UCOB(ultimate) i think he can make it if he does that

  5. I think he’ll end up doing UwU first. Its the easiest ultimate, almost considered savage-level content with prog taking around 40 hours, similar to Shiva savage. He only has to finish Stormblood and unlock it too

  6. oh yeah UwU also but he needs O8S for that right?

  7. generally it is recom to use a dps but what ever works for you my guy.

  8. Well hes got plenty of time to do so until the next raid in WoW comes out in 5 years time.

  9. i wanna see how will they think of ultimates and some of the savage fights!

  10. I think it'll be interesting to see his reaction to how the writers handled post ARR.

  11. yeah actually the callbacks retcons made sense and fit naturally. I think even now they are still doing it with Endwalker.

  12. Hildibrand isn't going anywhere. It is definitely content that he will want to do one day.

  13. yeah its not important to the story its just a hit miss meme questline. He can do it once he finishes all the msq and raids

  14. wish asmond gets tips from him since hes also a warrior main. imagine getting tips from the godfather of ffxiv himself poggers

  15. Asmongold: Haha this funny meme man, Mods Ban this guy for life

  16. Asmon probably asked around and everybody told him 'yeah, no way you do TEA my dude theres like 200 hours of cutscenes alone' so he changed to any Ultimate thats is easier because you skip a full expansion, still challenging tho.

  17. And it'"s for the best. i've underestimated how worst the stream becomes when he skip dialogue.

  18. is he skipping dialogues now? damn. I wish there wasnt any pressure on him for the challenge so he can atleast enjoy the story at his own pace

  19. ohhh make sense UWU or Ucob but i think UWU is possible for him

  20. He is absolutely right and it's a shame there are people like that.

  21. i hope we don't get a dyrus incident again. Dudes in control and did mechanics properly and he still got shat on clearing ultimate.

  22. he should try ninja less buttons Kappa

  23. Leveling daily PvP daily The main scenario daily (especially preatorium) grants guaranteed 1lvl up most of the time.

  24. Also featuring Summit1G and Kiona (Sfia's TPS teammate).

  25. ahh man cant wait till he reaches other raid content like o4s or o8s gonna be a wild ride.

  26. not to mention the hit or miss Questline Hildibrand. I mean i love that questline but its not important as of now tbh but thats my opinion.

  27. to be honest i would like for asmon just to enjoy himself and not rush anything because of the challenge, im guessing he will reach shadowbringers by that time. For ultimates i think he can beat UWU(Weapons Refrain)

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