1. Mike Sorois got his pay off this past Monday. However, why the hell didn't this guy wake up after the 1st year at the Ticket and decide to move on with his life? He made his own decision to stay for 16 years. When do you get to the point where you realize nothing's going to happen for you? What a cry baby little girl he is on this Podcast. Does Krystina Ray have to assume the role of the man in their relationship as well?

  2. I didn't realize that Sirios was such a overcussing cry baby wuss. If he couldn't figure out after the 1st few years that he wasn't going anywhere at that station, then why the hell didn't he go find a real job at that time? Or, he could have ridden off his brother's coat tails a lot sooner. I guess Krystina Ray has to be the man in the relationship. The same can be said for Danny Balis. Be grown men. Figure it out

  3. DD and all the other apps are less-than-barebones companies who will only escalate matters that cause them negative viral publicity or money. Everything else is in their view unimportant. Any individual dasher’s ratings are considered a non issue as it’s easy to find a replacement dasher. The rating doesn’t hurt anyone’s wallet so they aren’t going to put paid man-hours into investigating it. They just say whatever to make people “happy” and get off the phone.

  4. That may be true, but Door Dash is the largest delivery platform on the planet right now. It's about time they start caring about those that make them all this money. As easily as it started coming in, it can drain right back out given time. Without us as their main resource, their gravy train would dry up very quickly. It's about time they really start thinking about taking their money makers more seriously.

  5. No reason to cry over a couple 1 stars. Everyone gets them. Grow a pair.

  6. Now that Andysaurus has had it for over 8 months, I'd love to hear how much he hates it now.

  7. That was truly a great day when the acceptance rate crusher was gone for good.

  8. I wasn't as much distracted by the dancing as I was the giant black mole above her mouth.

  9. f I had a wife that look like that...with that butch annoying voice......she would never see me back at home...I would never want to come home. I'd want to stay on my damn bike forever.

  10. Hey Tom, after practice do you think you could come over and look at my refrigerator? The ice maker is making a really strange noise. Just want to see what you think it could be.

  11. He looks like a Gallagher starter kit. Doesn't look like anybody that would have any business in the sports media field.

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