1. I laughed way too hard at this. Thanks. See you in hell.

  2. How do I comment on these? Any tips for what to include in my comment?

  3. Here you go! Dave Lauer made it super easy! Just follow his instructions.

  4. Fear mongering. She could have mentioned decentralized finance and self custodial digital wallets are a way to avoid CDBCs. But why would the media start informing the public now?

  5. The CFTC is literally hiding data and refusing to take any enforcement actions. They issued a no action relief on swap reporting for 12 consecutive years with no future plans to address the problem. They said this in one of their recent statements. They had one job and still refuse to do it. All authority should be stripped away from the CFTC since nothing they do or say is no longer taken seriously by anyone. I no longer recognize them as a regulatory agency. And a massive F*CK YOU to Rostin Behnam for his involvement with FTX and receiving the largest donation directly from Sam Bankman-Fried. How he is still the fucking Chairman is absolutely bonkers. Everything the CFTC does now is not taken seriously whatsoever.

  6. Wait, did Payne really call portnoy a little bitch on live TV?!?! How did I miss that?!?! 😂🤣😭

  7. Because he paper handed and complained. It wouldn't have mattered anyways because he invested in popcorn stock 🤣

  8. This is a long lost Superstonk hype video. Please don't remove it. It was uploaded in it's original form.

  9. This is old news for those suffering from deja vu.

  10. In all seriousness do we have an official number for how many times they've defaulted?

  11. All I know is someone is on the hook to buy a shit ton of shares.

  12. I keep hearing about Elden Ring. Is it that good? I normally stick to Rocket League and Fortnite unless something amazing comes along like a new Elder of Scrolls game. Congrats on the PS5! I love mine so much! I wasn't expecting such a noticeable over my old PS4 pro!

  13. Kept earing about it as well, that's why I bought it! What rank are you on RL?

  14. I made Grand Champ in Season 14 back when I played competitively in RSC. Now I'm hover between C1 and C2.

  15. Because the CFTC are a bunch of fucking criminals.

  16. It's pretty amazing how they still haven't learned anything from this.

  17. No one ever does because nobody knows except us. It's in the documents but all people read are headlines. No article I've seen makes the connection. Even Jake Tran doesn't know which is sad. He put out an entire video on the fall of Credit Suisse and doesn't mention it at all. We are on our own.

  18. That's most likely the "at fair value" price and not the "the world is fuk'd" price.

  19. Credit Event on Mar 29, 2023?

  20. The Fed sure is doing a lot of pilot programs lately. And I'm not touching any of them. Ever.

  21. These are centralized exchanges. They are the problem with crypto. Selling shit they don't have.

  22. All I know is towel stock is not the play and it never will be. Why people are investing in it is beyond me. Let's assume GameStop acquires it, GameStop becomes a juggernaut powerhouse, not the towel company. The acquisition would be solely for GameStop purposes, not the other way around. Add to this the fact that the majority of retail investors avoided this stock. Hell, there are more people invested in popcorn than this stock. There is no way retail will ever control of the price movement even if it does squeeze. Like I said, hardly anyone here is in it and most know to avoid it, especially now that GameStop has a proven it's future is unmatched to any other company. Why chase limited gains when you can have infinite gains with GameStop?

  23. I doubt anyone was in towel for the long play, it was a squeeze play due to the high short interest, 120% of FF. Dilution and mismanagement has killed that play though lol.

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