1. They should just add an exclusive banner frame and icon at Tier 35 for each season.

  2. They should test out that -25% knock-back effect just to see how it affects the meta.

  3. It need to be reworked.. one slip up and the Hog Rider can take out your entire tower.

  4. To be fair it still feels like a nerf rather than a buff.

  5. Maybe there’s a middle ground that can be balanced properly so it doesn’t kill the Hog Rider itself.

  6. It’s so annoying that this hasn’t been patched yet.

  7. Can confirm he is not a bot and this is 100% real 😎

  8. Are star levels going to be reset with the introduction of level 14 king tower and cards? Or will star levels still be purchasable after reaching level 13 and having leveled up a card to level 13 (or will this be changed)?

  9. I like the current one more. This one would be too attention catching and deviating from the other cards artwork.

  10. Yes you are correct. I pulled this image from their youtube community post. The card image should however show resemblance of a goblin somehow.

  11. This is actually a really fun concept for a card.

  12. You’ll be left with only minions for air defense.

  13. That is correct. We seen the community saying the sneak peek was a goblin crate. That’s why it has a “?” When I say it lol

  14. The issue is that the offer is gems while the pass is actual money

  15. It takes a long time to get 2500 free gems. So yeah the average player will need to spend more to get it.

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