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  1. Welp boys, I just lost to the holy mommy that will dom me.

  2. A guy who'll be a Construct from the future, known as either Noan or Shrek.

  3. Fun fact: There's a small Easter Egg in this picture, and I'm surprised no one's pointing it out

  4. well at least they only misplaced the "R" and not forgotten about it

  5. Follow the Gay Ravens to explore the secrets of the Red Tide's source.

  6. people go too far with their parasocial relationships with a fictional character and take offense when someone jokes about their waifu being flat, its understandable, but i said the truth joke or not.

  7. It’s so depressing looking at this , when genshin is outclassing every mobile game ever . Also this info is really useless for people who don’t read Chinese. It just adds more depression that you need to side with Chinese culture to enjoy a game that is unsuccessful . I enjoy the game and play it, I have multiple characters almost 7k cp. The game is mid , we don’t need info graphics and revenue recaps to know that. It just makes it more sad.

  8. Mid game? Sure it may be mid for you, but this game objectively knew what fastpaced action players wanted in battles. A challenge where we needed to learn and adapt to our enemies, and varying playstyles.

  9. Hope he doesn't fall into the Red Tide by the end of the collab.

  10. Imagine him saving the Commandant in exchange for himself to drown in the Red Tide by the end, and in that moment.. He raises his thumb up proudly...

  11. Gotta max affection with all my constructs.

  12. "Finally, after years of searching... Had the Gray Raven Commandant finally realized.. That friendship - was indeed magic."

  13. ... Why does this sound like it's gonna happen to me..?

  14. So if we ever get him, he'll be summoning gabby golems?!

  15. If they ever make a playable Construct Simon, I'm all up for him being like V in gameplay — just adjusted to PGR's System.

  16. I always thought of his voice as tired med student who is getting ready for the finals.

  17. Had that thought once, but as I progress. I began to think: "Wait a minute, why does this guy look like V?"

  18. Fellow Commandants, I have the Sauce! My sauce is that I made it the f•ck up!

  19. I use Lucia Lotus and she's currently at level 80 even though I have a very strong Attacker Construct like Luna Laurel who has her Signature Weapon and resonated Memory chips lmao.

  20. Well in terms of themes, MGRR and Vivy: Fluorite's Eyesong would make a good collab with PGR.

  21. Unironically enough, how I choose my Commandant's appearance in my head is just Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden with a Commandant Uniform. Or at least, the same outfit as PGR Simon.

  22. I think Celica has the weirdest outfit. Such as her 'gloves' that just cover half of her palm, or the thing that looks like a tie :disapproval:

  23. The glove is like a watered down version of DMC3 Vergil's glove, as for the tie, it definitely is one but it's just partially inserted into her shirt so that it hangs outside. Either way, for a weird look, I quite like it lmao.

  24. For sure. I'm not saying it's ugly or nobody should like it. It's just weird :joy:

  25. I didn't like DMC2 because literally you shoot everything there and it all works, there's also the fact that Dante has like.. 3 Swords but they all give the same moveset there iirc.

  26. I uh, sorry to disappoint with this update, but damn, I lost my motivation for finishing the artwork.

  27. Your OC looks like FGO Sherlock Holmes, and it's hecking good. Very nice, love the design.

  28. Would be nice if he has a skin with those clothes on

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