1. Wait there are 2 separate Vera gachapons..?

  2. there are 2 matrice, 2 cosmetics 2 vechicle parts so 6 gacha machines have fun!

  3. 2 more matrix gachapon should be coming in a future patch too.

  4. fuck... I am not going to recover financially and mentally from this! Don't tell me that there are more cancer mirrora "fun" zones coming....

  5. Unfortunately if you're playing this game purely for pvp there's not enough pvp activity in the game to be worth it. And the type of pvp you're doing at that low of a level is faction pvp which no one really participates in. Honestly you're better off playing this game for the pve content or finding a different game that's got more pvp oriented people and is active. Also most serious clans want you to be fully finished yellow storyline bare minimum to get in and want you to be at least a little geared. Ex. started soulboost and stuff.

  6. the pvp that's coming is faction pvp. he's talking about 6v6 pvp i think. most clan BG now are just win traded to get bonus.

  7. engine was not an issue that this game failed tho

  8. How powerfull you ask? hmm do you know Vergil? yes that.

  9. Bro💀 Vergil isn't comparable in this case

  10. Its an official ad from the Philippines.

  11. this is hard to swallow, couldn't they host a contest and ask community to make an ad and winner gets xyz...

  12. They could, but these ads are actually really effective and also pretty good.

  13. effective in a way that it gets the community talk about it and good to talk about how bad they are? yes

  14. How do people got it so fast? How to efficiently farm those stages?

  15. do the dedicated floors that are one time with rewards, then do 20 floors on each.

  16. I think the skin costs around 10k dc or so? so that looks to be more cheaper than a3.

  17. I would argue that if someone isn’t horny for Lin, they may have issues.

  18. I am a Lyra believer that enjoys ora ora but also ara ara.

  19. Nemesis Story Camera Ass Shots: Our battle will be legendary!

  20. at this point I realized that going solo is much safer and faster.

  21. Actually is, I tried to "build" her but she's so bad that I was better off healing with yellow orbs every 10s 🤣

  22. yes it does feel like that, she would be better off as an attacker or tank with those animation movements.

  23. this screams haah kimochi yokatta when you look at it.

  24. If whales wanna do that , good for them , they are supporting the game after all

  25. Looks like anime adaptation is coming earlier thanks to them.

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