Asset containment breach

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  1. Luckily for Denise, that show didn’t turn out to be an iconic addition to the series or anything.

  2. out of all the mess in this. Why is the gear down mid-air?

  3. Because a marketing person came up with it. Don’t worry about the technical jargon or feasibility whosawhatsit, they’ll put a project manager on this to ensure it gets implemented in record time.

  4. Why? I’m not the one desperately borrowing anything.

  5. Good guy sea turtles helping control the extensive jelly populations.

  6. Market Makers are the biggest middle men in history. Creating nothing, and only taking.

  7. Never understood the hate for that episode. I mean who? WHO DOESN’T LIKE THE PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE EPISODE?

  8. At least he doesn't have a belt on his head like quailman.

  9. Yeah exactly. This is the issue with street name shares and omnibus accounts!

  10. I’m still at it sending follow ups. No responses yet from there mailbox.

  11. I’m sure this will be enforced in an equitable and totally not racially charged manner.

  12. That guy is spending as much money as he can while he still can before his investors, creditors, and everyone he’s used as a blank check wisens up to his jig. He’s exposed a lot of folks to a ton of risk they’re probably not even aware of.

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