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  1. I feel like I'm looking at a preschooler crying to the teacher for being called a poopyhead. Do these people even read their own tripe?

  2. I wonder how the distinction btw 피해자 and 피해호소인 can be translated into English, as “alleged victim” is the more commonly used term in English.

  3. Don’t want to seem an idiot, but doesn’t there need to be concrete evidence of sexual assault?

  4. It’s unfortunate that because of Park’s decision to kill himself, we will never get to judge the evidences in the court of law.

  5. I've always heard arguments about culture being the contributing factor to their lack of success but frankly I think it really only boils down to one primordial aspect:

  6. Agreed. Systemic racism exists, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not anything like the scapegoat people make it out as.

  7. The only systematic racism I see is against white people, and increasingly against asians.

  8. Cartoon deftly avoid walls, land stealing, bulldozing of neighbourhoods, resource and utility controls and pretty much anything even slightly more accurate.

  9. They ask why then lock the comments when they get the answer lol

  10. The interesting thing is that not supporting LGBTQ is not the same as being LGBTQphobic. For example, I don’t understand any of the ideas of LGBTQ people, and I don’t really like what they’re saying, but as Voltaire said, “I may hate what you say, but I’ll defend to hell your right to say it.” The interesting part is that some people don’t get this very simple difference. Almost as if they’ve been brainwashed somehow… Curious.

  11. so the danger of porn comes from a lack for the capacity for intimacy. That is something that i owed and didn't always give my exwife. But the mere fact that we were both trying to express ways we want to experience intimacy didn't mean that i should use other forms of sexual release. If you don't pay for porn, you are being exploitive and abusive to the sex workers trying to get healthcare and buy a home from their work. The coomer damages and denudes his sexual member and rewires emotional bonds with whatever it is he is substituting for self-worth. His mother doesn't deserve the shit he makes her put up with. She has bought his way into not being an outcast or pariah for now, but with each failed venture he brings her, the more unspoken dread she has of her own failure. His fiancee certainly doesn't deserve for him to be thinking about a sensational cumpig that asks no questions and requires nothing signified by her implicit misunderstanding of what he has had power over her to do for him even if it is just his imagination. The woman object that is a real whole person doesn't deserve him making her into his imaginary cumpig an open invitation to other coomers.

  12. It's hard to believe these people aren't trolls like the "Birds Aren't Real" folks.

  13. Every state has problems like this and just because the news crew was lucky enough to catch a idiot and make her famous people try to tear down certain states. I read a lot of hate about Oklahoma and texas but I know for a fact their is a lot of people from the blue states moving down here. And if these states are so bad you can leave and move to others. I’m not trying to start a war but you have good people and bad people everywhere you go. And it’s your choice who you want to surround yourself with. 😁. Peace, Love and Hodgkin.

  14. Oh, there’s enough commotion in both liberal and conservative run states, alright. Look at NYC.

  15. And Bobo is a high school dropout who had to pay big bucks to her GED faked 16 years after doing so. Real tough debate team they would make.

  16. Nope. They are consumer vehicles and they are garbage. We own a 2013 elantra and it’s complete trash. Broken steering wheel bushing, it eats bumps in the road like a Russian ballerina, it’s needed two coil pack replacements in one year, and the front end is practically made of pretzel sticks. Every girlfriend I ever had either owned an Elantra or a Tucson, and my wife ended up having one when I met her.

  17. Yeah, they only improved from the 2020 model year. Anything before that which isn’t an Equus or a Genesis? Ergh.

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