1. First of all , you can audit your website from free SEO audit tools such as

  2. Thanks for sharing here new update with include New crypto APIs, Nested testing API.

  3. I suggest you Social Media Explorer & HubSpot Marketing Blog for social media.

  4. I think Laravel is the best and popular framework for web app development and also fast, secure and reliable platform compared to Symfony.

  5. Backlinks is ongoing process which build with different platform such as guest blogging, Forums, Business listing, blog promote on social media and other techniques.

  6. Google is committed to delivering relevant content to its users.So, if the engine thinks that your H1 is more relevant than your title

  7. I would like to suggest you Meta title is okay but you can need to improve in Description. Description means you are describe about your website and give information about your website. Please write descriptive description and also you can that keywords well optimized in the website' content and build quality backlinks.

  8. Vue > React. I deal with multiple apps and varying team sizes, React was much harder to deal with in all scenarios.

  9. Yes, you said right, Vue is amazing and better than React. Nowadays, there are many developers preferred Vue instead of React.

  10. If your current website includes a slider, you might want to think about

  11. I think that backlink was very old and broken links so that reason sudden drops in the backlinks. As well as please tell me which strategies you did follow.

  12. You can contact to Facebook support team who can help you quickly. They are provide good services, also you can take help of Facebook support chat tool which will great assist you and give quick reply while you submit your request.

  13. Most of companies are using WordPress platform, but today there is some security issue in WordPress CMS, hence most of companies are choosing different CMS platform for their marketing site.

  14. This a big news for NuxtJS Developers.. I'm really excited for the NuxtJS 3 New Features. You can read here

  15. Thanks for sharing latest trends of SEO which is really good idea but I have one question that most of companies would be use AR/3D ??

  16. I would like to suggest you Create free WordPress Blog or Blogger or buy cheap domain and start to do seo. first of start with which niche you want to use then research the keywords and after you will start on-page & off - page SEO activities.

  17. (I know the title says "React Native", but a huge chunk of this tutorial is about using React Native for Web through React JS and React-DOM).

  18. Thanks for sharing here latest information with above points which is really helpful to React Native Developers while using React Native for Web through React JS and React-DOM).

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